Wii U: Cemu 1.1.0 released with a few improvements

As I predicted 4 days ago, a new version of a Nintendo Wii U emulator ‘Cemu’ was released.Wiiu Cemu 1.1.0

Although my guess that next Cemu’s version would improve the emulator’s performance on AMD GPU’s was wrong (it’s still unplayable), the update still brings several cool features.

Exzap has “completly rewritten graphics backend”, which will, for example, make bug fixing easier. Thanks to that, many bugs are fixed now, but also “some of the stuff that did work in 1.0.2 is now broken”.

Shovel Knight is now working and playable. Other games are reportedly running better too. According to GBATemp users, Mario Kart 8’s “menu is almost perfect now and 3D graphics are noticeably better in-game.” For more, see the videos bellow.


  • New future-proof GPU7 shader assembly to GLSL decompiler (work-in-progress)
  • Fixed a few bugs in color and depth buffer emulation.
  • Added more system functions, leading to higher compatibility.
  • Added hacky support for DRC rotation. Right click on the render window & drag to change the orientation
  • Implemented some background logic for audio emulation. No audio output yet.

Download latest version 1.1.0


Source:  GBATemp.net

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  1. …it won’t work on AMD GPU’s and yet the Wii U *uses* an AMD GPU? I call bull****.

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