PS3: webMAN MOD 1.43.16 with updated VSH Menu released

Developer Matsumot0 released an update to his webMAN MOD and updated it to 1.43.16. He also added some nice changes to the webMAN VSH Menu. 🙂
webman mod


      • Added File Manager & Plugins Manager to VSH Menu
      • Added Cut/Copy/Paste to File Manager
      • File manager & /cpursx.ps3 now show if progress of copy
      • Added support to copy additional file types (including coldboot, .rco and others)
      • Syscall 8 is now disabled if webMAN is unloaded and syscalls were disabled
      • /dev_bdvd now shows the mounted file
      • icon0 is shown in file manager when possible
      • VSH Menu now uses http network interface to execute webMAN commands (it must be faster & some – commands must be now compatible with vanilla edition)
      • Added option to browse URL on PS3 to the slider menu (mobile.html) webMAN.xml now open the web pages using webKit, except “CPU & RSX temperatures” that uses silk mode.
        • Unmount & Insert Disc now auto-closes
      • In Lite Edition:
        • Added: remove syscalls.
        • Removed: fix game & support for fake isos generated by IRISMAN: ntfs[FILE].
        • Binary is now smaller.
      • Video Recording now can use custom settings for audio & video formats/size/bitrate.
        • Use R2+SELECT+L3 to change the settings values
        • Use L2+SELECT+L3 to choose the settings to be changed
        • Current recording video & audio formats now are displayed in the popup
        • The video & audio formats can be configured via /setup.ps3
      • Removed video_rec.sprx from updater
      • Added option to disable custom syscalls 200, 201, 203, 204 (ccapi) through syscall.ps3mapi.
      • Syscall 1022 (prx loader) is now disabled by [online] tag and R2+/\ combo.
      • SRC: Moved some files to cobra/unused
      • SRC: Changed 8 to constant SC_COBRA_SYSCALL8 in Cobra modules. So it can be changed easily to another syscall number in the future.
      • [BGM] toggler is now shown in /cpursx.ps3 if a game is running. (Only available in the test build. It may hang the console returning to XMB)
      • Test build: Added /sysbgm.ps3 and swap kernel (not included in the updater)

Download webMAN MOD 1.43.16 PKG
Download webMAN MOD 1.43.16 Source

As always thanks to Matsumot0 for his webMAN MOD 🙂

Source: Matsumot0 Github

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