Log out of all your services in just one click

Do you forget to log out of your services like Netflix, Hulu, gmail, and more when you’re out using WIFI at Starbucks, friends house, or even work? Well, then I found a great site for you to use that will log you out of 30 different services with just a click of the mouse and it’s called super logout. super log out3

I even used this as a prank on a few of my friends and long time resident freakler94, just to make sure it worked ;). Now it doesn’t work on Twitter or Facebook but it covers a lot of services and logs you out every fast.

This is one super easy way to log out of everything instead of doing them one at a time especially if you are in a hurry to leave work or if you don’t remember what services you’re still logged into.

Here is the link to it super logout but do not click on it or it will log you out of all your services and you will have to log back into them.


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  1. Or you could be using Private Browsing mode, which ignores all the ordinary sessions and cookies your browser normally has. Clearing them through “Remove browsing history” works also.

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