PSVita: Qwikrazor releases new exploit for 3.55fw

Qwickrazor has done it again and this time he has released a new exploit for 3.55fw. The game that is needed for this exploit is Mimana Iyar Chronicle for the US as of right, now the JP version is on the back burner until more testing is done. So now is your chance to get ecfw on your PSVita or PSTV if you missed out on the last exploit.


Now the email trick has been patched in 3.55FW. So just like the previous releases for PHP, PuzzleScape and so on which you can read here. Now you are going to transfer both saves to the PSVita or PSTV via CMA or Qcma and follow the readme below.


“Just run Mimana Iyar Chronicle and load game save then press Triangle to bring up menu. Go to settings and go to Party then go back and go to Positions. If not done in that order then the exploit will not work.

You should see 1 of 3 colors:
red (failed to open pboot)
yellow (failed to install pboot),
or green.

If it flashes green then backup the Mimana Iyar Chronicle game to your PC via CMA or Qcma then restore it back to your Vita.
You should now see ARK in the Live Area where Mimana Iyar Chronicle was previously, you should now be able to run ARK from there.”

Download:  Mimana Iyar Chronicle

Download mirrorMimana Iyar Chronicle

Now if you want to you could swap out the pboot for the TN-V11 but I wouldn’t recommend it. Your best bet is to go with Ark and then you could place the TN-V11 pboot into any other psp game you would like. Just make sure you backup your game first before you do any of this, so you can always have the original game before you inject the pboot into Mimana Iyar Chronicle.vita-fw3-63-with-ark

Let’s not forget to thank qwikrazor87 as this wouldn’t be possible, to enjoy these easy to use bubbles. You can donate to him via pay pals here every little bit show how much we enjoy his work.


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  1. How running hombrew emulator snes etc.?

  2. Aaaand the game is gone… Doesn’t show up in the store on the Vita and checkout throws an error when trying through the PC

  3. I was 20 minutes ago I bought the game and downloaded

  4. One way to install homebrew is using the file manager. After you have that, only copy in a savedata. like “SAVEDATA/ULUS04554/FILEPRO/” After tha use file manager to unzip the zip file on VHBL Folder.

  5. i have green flash and copy pc to psvita game. i dont see ark, what kind of problem

    • hackinformer

      it’s not a problem copy the game back to the pc and then back to the vita and the bubble will appear or go into safe mode and rebuilt the data base but it you have any of the other email tricks it will wipe them out if you rebuild the data base

  6. guys can someone please tell me how i can use my base game for another bubble ?

  7. Hi, I did all of the following step and when I open the ARK, it shows me a black screen with
    D ARK01234
    and other stuff but not the menu of ARK Am I doing anything wrong?

  8. I’ve tried 4 different ISOs. Out of them, only the smallest one worked. I’m using ARK on 3.55. Has anyone had success running multiple ISOs, or installing TNV with this?

    • I tried a lot but seems all not working for me too….

    • Made GTA Chinatown Wars work, download ISO, rename into acceptable names, place into ISO folder, add into archive, compress (use store state compression) into zip, rename into INSTALL.ZIP, send to psv thru qcma, install using oneMenu or 138Menu, play the game

      • So you mean the same way as iso but compress the iso file into zip then put it through cma?

      • I named it as INSTALL.ZIP but on my psv it shows No PBPs! and won’t work pls help…

        • Alright just read a better way (which I’ve tested on transferring God Eater Burst into my PSVita), Just rename the ISO file (gamename.ISO) into XXX.ISO, should be all caps, XXX are any three letters, then send to psv thru qcma, the game will appear already if your using OneMenu or 138Menu in your gamelist

  9. So after intsalling Ark-2 how will I install TN-V? Can i use Demo games for TV-V and i need to know how to install tnv after installing Ark-2 BTW to buy the fame you should try the web and not from Vita.

    • Same question for me. How can I install TN-V after installing Ark-2?

      • hackinformer

        easy install the TNV save via qcma or cma and use Ark to move the TNV pboot into a another psp game/demo in the game folder.

        • thanks i got ARK-2 running with onemenu, my question now is when i click seleck i cannot go to browser, where i can move one files to another folder

        • i tried moving PBOOT.PBPbut it wont moveto the foldero my psp games

        • I had it working, I install PSP Filer on ARK-2 and transfer the PBOOT.PBP of TN-V11 to my PSP games, and i made back up of the game and i copied it back to my vita, but i think TN-V11 doesnt work on 3.55 when you install it on 3.55 i think it shout be installed on 3.52 then update to 3.55 for it to work. Because everytime i open the game on tn-v it will just keep on loading.

        • How can i install the gameboy advance,please?I need more easily instructions beacuse i cannot understand.Mine is just 3.55….

  10. Please help ArK-2 now is running onmy 3.55 ps vita but the menu isjust black and white,how can i install mune like 138 or onemenu please help.

  11. Is this game still available? I have the same problem as the guy above. I’m able to add this to my cart but cannot complete the purchase

    • Some of you who have recently tried to use this exploit with Mimana Iyar Chronicle may have noticed PSN store took out the link for this in the store within your system application (Vita and PS TV) along with the search result. There is, however, a workaround for this: Google Search “Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSN” or “The Ikemen Bundle PSN” in a browser and it will bring up the link for the game in the Sony web page (first hit). Click on it and click Buy Download button and it will transfer you to the actual PSN store purchase page. Click Add to Cart button and complete purchase. Then, open the store app in your PS Vita or Vita TV and go to Download List in the corner bubble and bring it up in the list of your available items and click Download.


  13. Hello.I have a ps vita that is 3.55 and idont really know what the hell and how to install in my ps vita the and the TNV?I cannot understand what can i do.I only want is just how to put my GameBoy Advance (VHBL) in my PS Vita 3.55?For me it would be easy if there is anyone to give me easy and short instructions.Thanks for reading

    • JohnthePooka

      Buy the exploit game. download it to your psVita. Download the game save for said exploit game that’s provided to “hack” the game for TNV. Download 6.60 PSP offical firmware. rename it 660.PBP and put it in the game save. copy the game save to your vita. launch the game and follow the instructions for triggering the exploit. The first time you do it will take you to the recovery menu. tell it to install 660 files. Voila, you’re done.

      • yeah,in fact I am in Europe.There is no Mimana Iyar Chronicle in PS store.So I have to wait for the next game in Europe like this for hack

    • JohnthePooka

      Just use Ark. It works great.

      • I would tell you that i dont know what is ark.About you,how do you use gba in ps vita?Can you just explain how can i do that,please?Someone.. 🙁

      • Really sorry about that man and please if it is possible to tell me your instructions….thanks for your first answer 🙂

  14. C1-2858-3

    I either get this error after booting ARK the second time (first time always runs smoothly) or the Vita locks up. Using a Vita Slim with Qwik’s 3.55 exploit. Any thoughts?

  15. hello guys im new to ps vita..searching the game on PSN but cant find it.. (vita user from malaysia)

  16. Hey guys. I made a full tutorial video on my youtube channel, and luckily I got the green light! You can check my video to see how I did it. Thanks!

  17. can someone help me? i recently installed ark on my psvita slim 3.55. i got the psp games to work. but im getting errors on my emulators. i get a message saying “this program requires PSP-2000 + FW 3.71 or later. thanks in advance.

  18. Can confirm working on 3.55 FW at time of install. Also, some of you who have recently tried to use this exploit with Mimana Iyar Chronicle may have noticed PSN store took out the link for this in the store within your system application (Vita and PS TV) along with the search result. There is, however, a workaround for this: Google Search “Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSN” or “The Ikemen Bundle PSN” in a browser and it will bring up the link for the game in the Sony web page (first hit). Click on it and click Buy Download button and it will transfer you to the actual PSN store purchase page. Click Add to Cart button and complete purchase. Then, open the store app in your PS Vita or Vita TV and go to Download List in the corner bubble and bring it up in the list of your available items and click Download. Last step: Profit! Also, don’t forget to back up the original game to a hard drive or a PS3, if you have one, so when they completely remove the game off the store you will still have the game!

  19. This method only works at the US .. it does not work for the EU , still no jailbreak for EUROPE 🙁 .
    Even if i create a US account that does not help , I still need us credit card in order to purchase .

    • hackinformer

      Just use paypal’s to add money to your wallet to buy the game, as that’s what I use for my JP account.

      • After installing Ark on 3.55 how do I get the white list installed for ps tv to run all vita games??


        • hackinformer

          You had to do the email trick in 3.52 FW to make it work on the PSTV. Once done then you could have updated and the modded app.db would have stayed with it.

          • Thanks!!

            I actually did the white list hack on the pstv 3.30.. Originally I thought it had to be done on the vita after reading this. Lol..

            But I did the whitelist on pstv and then updated like you said but now it’s F***ED. lol..

            Read somewhere after that the DB file fail mail hack won’t stay unless you do a manual update of the database.. :-(..

            Question for you though..

            UNO psp does not load on pstv but if I install ark-2 on pstv 3.55 and open UNO in Ark 2 on pstv it loads fine.

            Is there a way to bypass the white list by installing vita games in ark2 savedata to launch ps vita games that are not compatible with pstv??

            As you can see I’m annoyed cause I will have to buy a second ps tv now otherwise..

          • hackinformer

            No and that’s funny cuz I updated mine and everything stayed just like it was, did you not make a backup of the PSTV when you did the white list email trick? Cuz if you ever mess it up by swapping memory sticks or whatever, all you would have to do is use the backup image and bam white list hack is still here..

          • Yea I made a backup. But when I restored it it didn’t work.. Maybe cause my backup was on the pc not the internal memory??

            I also thought it would stay because my white list trick stayed after I unplugged the pstv and turned it off or switched cards.. I thought it would be safe to update and still get the ability to play my vita games on the psTV, but I was wrong.. Then my psp games didn’t work either so I was really annoyed as none of my games worked.. So I did this 3.55 hack and Ark 2 read all my psp games already on the device and I was able to launch all my psp games..

            Ps now and remote ps4 play functions are rubbish on the pstv so now all I have is the ability to play psp games on my TV unless I buy pstv compatible games which it would be cheaper to just buy a new pstv and never update it….

      • Even adding Paypal does not work , if you have US account and the credit card is from another country the account will not accept this Paypal account .

        • hackinformer

          Didn’t have a problem with mine and the PS3 or on the net but my palpays account maybe a little different since its a business account.

          • Did my post get deleted? He can buy us psn cards online to buy stuff off the US psn store..

            BTW I bought a second pstv. Did the whitelist hack first then made a 25mb back up to pc.. I then installed the backup on my other 3.55 pstv and that has solved my problem. My vita games work on both devices now.

          • hackinformer

            might be my spam filter..

            Glad to here that about the PSTV as I know the backup stuff works.. 🙂

  20. Hello such Merry Christmas to all know I do not work the trick of mail have the PS Vita 3.55 firmware Slim with greetings and thanks i have tn v for Mimana Iyar Chronicle

  21. So i have a PAL PSTV. How can i get the game ( steps please) from the US store on the PSTV?

  22. please someone tell me this still works.

  23. Please I need to confirm if it still works, I was reading the game is gone from ps vita psn and I don’t own a PS3, what can I do??
    If I buy the game today, will it still work??

  24. any news for 3.55 fw

  25. Okay, I’m having a weird problem… I copy the folders containing the save and ARK to my PS Vita using qCMA, but when I try to copy them to my Vita, ARK is changed to the system file instead, I don’t understand.

  26. Hey guys I have a quick question I have used the blocker to connect to the psn store to purchase the exploit game but it says waiting for vita but now I can’t connect to the psn store to download the game to start the exploit I’m on 3.55 and I need help what am I doing wrong or is it possible for me to get pass this step or did I just waste my money thanks guys inadvance for the help

  27. Any exploit for 3.57 US? Just bought new vita came in latest firmware. Please help.

  28. Hello, I want to try this but first I need some help. I have ark buble already from the email trick and all, but I used a psp ps plus game (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) and now I want to do this bubble with a PSP game that is mine (not like the ps plus games which are borrowed until the end of the subscription). So can I do this trick and preserve my current ark bubble? I mean, if I cant get this new one to work, I would still have a way to continue using ark. Is it possible to maintain the current bubble without losing it in this process? could I, dunno, back this ark bubble up to my PC/Ps3 to stay safe? Will this method wipe my PS Vita and the current ark bubble? Thanks in advance!! Regards. (Vita firmware 3.55)

  29. hackinformer

    You can back it up or just keep it and have two. next you can use demo’s like petz saddle club for a base game with the pboot trick too.

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