PSVita: Qwikrazor87 updates TN-V for 3.52 (and 3.55)

To be honest, I was waiting for this news for the last 2 weeks already. And so here we are, once again, qwikrazor87 just updated the TN-V11 binaries for the newest firmware 3.5X!


Total Noob’s TN-V eCFW is still the most used and most beautiful eCFW because of the emulated XMB and its possibilities. However and as we already told you before, eCFWs nowadays aren’t that much fun anymore because Sony once again tried to lock us out of messing with the GAME folder. Since TN-V primarily makes use of this we are heavily limited and it feels somehow incomplete when using third party menus with it.

What this release means for you on 3.5x firmwares, is that TN-V does now run but installing new Homebrews to PSP/GAME is not possible. Qwikrazor however did find yet another workaround for writing EBOOT/PBOOTs though but we still can’t create folders and we didn’t win much with it. (this btw means the bubble blower we released earlier won’t work either)

Please don’t get this news wrong, as this is no call to update at all!! If you already run 3.55 there is no way to install it as of now. You would need to install this before updating to make it work!

Since TN ‘somehow’ left the scene and no one knows when or if he ever comes back, this TN-V version is the latest and most recent version there is!!

So let’s all thank qwikrazor and you can grab the updated files here:




You can also try this plugin that will make TN-V look in other folders to find your homebrew and emulators here.

You can follow our tutorial on How to install this TN-V Bubble without any Exploit (3.00-3.52)

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  1. ARK and delete the folder and copy the TNV_00000 with PBOOT.PBP inside. and inside the folder 660.pbp NPUH10091 and tranferi my psvita 3.52. ise after the backup and I passed the psvita but what appears to me is the bubble not to TNV11 ARK . because I happen? devo I do to put the TNV11 and remove ARK ?

  2. Sweet i knew would be possible XD

  3. anyone know if there sound plugin for psx so sound dont sound laggy

  4. so, I’m unable to copy my base game (apache overkilll) back to the vita. I made a backup of the game as well, but that also refuses to copy. I’m getting a c0-11274-5 error. help would be appreciated

  5. Hello, I wanted to know if there are any working firmware for people who have 3.55?

    If anyone could respond to my email :

  6. its working great, hope we can running psone games soon.

  7. and once again neither ape quest nor uno will work.
    Ape quest will boot in to an black screen and then crash and ape quest will show the healthy screen then either go white and freeze or black and crash. And before you aks yes i am holding R.

    • That’s really odd .i m actually using ape quest as a base to load tnv-11.and it works like a charm.did you follow the tutorial on playstation firmware guide? And did you send yourself the tnv11 pboot.pbp through the EML trick?

  8. Working perfectly on 3.51 with 101 in 1 megamix

  9. sorry. 3.52 ^^^

  10. i wonder if someone can give us a tutoriel about how we can running the ps1 games into the TN-V with the sound of course ? i want to play xenogears so badly.

  11. Freakler, is it possible to make game categories lite plugin to look in other folders? The plugin is open source. Here’s the link:

  12. I instal the bubble and everything is working fine but…. how can i add ps1 games or psp games???

    • you must using FTP

      • Im trying to use FTP but i cant access the url and i cant connect to the ftp file so… what should i do??

        • u do not need to use ftp. just put files in zip archive and trasfer via qcma to vita and then use tnv recovery to start filer and make in root new folders manual press x and then R
          open psp /savedata/tnv/.zip where u put yours files and copy to seplugins folder MANUALY thats it press selece cstart togeather to out from recovery in xmb . now just press R and select lua for games oh i forgat put games in psx folder in format ex slus23123/FBOOT.PBP

  13. I’m pretty sure that PS1 games aren’t working on TN-V 11 on 3.52 .. I tried everything and I always get a black screen either with onemenu or with lpp plugin. Please let me know if you’re on 3.52 and got ps1 working 😛

  14. If I already have VitaFTP running can I just ftp this into another psp base game or will I need to somehow sign it?

  15. You weiners really need to study earlier tutorials in order to really know how to get the hang of this.

  16. Email app is giving me issues. I can’t send the email needed to get TN-11 on my vita 3.52. it keeps referring me to a google page (Gmail) it’ll load to 40% and fail. Hotmail just plain fails.

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