How to get PS3 remote play working on the PlayStation TV

A few days ago I showed you how to add system apps to your PSVita or PSTV/Vita TV, you can read about that here. Well, today I’m going to show you how to add PS3 remote play to your PSTV/Vita TV. I know a lot of may say this is useless but if you have a CFW PS3 this could be really nice to have or even if you want to play your PS1 games on the PSTV while the PS3 is in another room. Just a reminder this only works on FW 3.52 and below because it uses the email trick which was blocked in FW 3.55. PSTV-PS3 remote play

First you are going to need to do the email trick to get your app.db file so you can modify it. You can visit our guide here to help you with the email trick.

Once you have your app.db file, you going to need DB Browser for SQLite 3.7.0 to modify it for PS3 remote play app. Next you need to download the file below to make this work or you could do it manually but who wants to do that. lol

Download: PS3 remote play + PSTV
ps3 remote play ont eh pstv2 copy

Now that you have the files, you can start modifying your app.db file. You’re going to import the CVS files for each table on your app.db file. You need to go to each table in the drop down of browse data and import the CVS files: tbl_appinfo, tbl_appinfo_icon, tbl_livearea, tbl_livearea_frame. Then just write the table name in for each file you import for example: (Table name: tbl_appinfo )then hit ok. You will get a message like this, (there is already a table of that name. Do you want to import the data into it?) Just click yes and repeat this step for each CVS file.pstv ps3 remote play5

Now that you are done importing the CSV files the next thing you need to check is where the PS3 remote play app (bubble) will appear on the live area of the PSTV/Vita TV. Just change the app page id and position to an unused one.

  • page id = the page on your vita’s live area
  • pos = where the bubble will appear on your vita, you can only have 9 bubbles per page.

ps3 remote play on the pstv3 3

All that is left for you to do is email your app.db file back to the PSTV/ Vita TV using the Email trick and power it off and turn it back on. Now you will have a working PS3 remote play app on your PSTV/ Vita TV and it will not ask you to update the PSTV/Vita TV when it’s connect via private network.ps3 remote play on the pstv4


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  1. If using a CFW PS3 with Rebug they have patched it to allow all games and apps to work via Remote Play. Works great for streaming media and emulation as well. Nice post!!

  2. As a person who already worked with CVS in the past and actively works with CSV files today, I couldn’t stop cringing at the “CVS file” from the 4th paragraph. Just a small correction 🙂

  3. My vita is on 3.35 and I have a cfw PS3 on 3.55.My question is does my vita has to be upgraded to the latest firmware for remoteplay?

  4. Hello thanks for the tut. I am running into this one issue i am sure once this is out the way i can complete the usage of the guide. The issue is out of the 4 csv files i could only get tbl_appinfo_icon.csv to be imported successfully. The other files have a error importing issue.

  5. cuando importo los cvs del tbl_appinfo me sale un error.
    ayuden please.
    error impoRting data from record number 1.
    inserting row failed : UNIQUE constraint failed :tbl_appinfo.titleld,tbl_appinfo .key
    (insert into `tbl_appinfo`VALUES(´NPXS10012`,`200162016´,`PS3(LETRAS CHINAS);)

  6. To Use Touch Emulation (needed to even use the ps3 remote play PS button !) you have to change the “gda” value from “NPXS10012” (Search both values in “tbl_appinfo” in SQLBrowser) to “gd” after having imported all my CSVs into the app.db so you can use the PSTV Touch Emulation .

  7. @Hackinformer when i email this: “email:send?attach=ur0:shell/db/app.db.” to myself, it doesn’t turn blue. Instead, it shows as plain text. Am i doing something wrong?

  8. Is there any way at all of installing the app on 3.55 at all?

    I had JUST worked hard at finding a pstv on 3.36 and hooked it up… I returned home from work to find my brother had updated it…

    This is the sole reason I bought this device…

    Any help is appreciated

  9. On 3.52, it says “the application cannot be used with this system. If this application is supported by the Playstation TV system, please update the application” when I try to start it up. Is this supposed to happen?

  10. No and make sure you did the whitelist hack to the PSTV on top of this..

    • This happens even with the app.db whitelist hack.

      • Hmm.. something must have gone wrong in the app.db file when making the ps3 remote play app. As this works fine for me or I wouldn’t have posted it.

        • Does it have to do with “To Use Touch Emulation (needed to even use the ps3 remote play PS button !) you have to change the “gda” value from “NPXS10012” (Search both values in “tbl_appinfo” in SQLBrowser) to “gd” after having imported all my CSVs into the app.db so you can use the PSTV Touch Emulation” as mentioned above?

          • No it don’t have anything to do with touch features as you can do everything from the controller.

          • You can’t press/use the PS Button in ps3 remote play without that change because the app was so programmed that you have to touch the on-screen ps button symbol.

            Otherwise you simply go out of the app just like in any other PS Vita app.So you cant go out of any game/app when controlling the ps3 via remote play which makes this app without activating the touch emulation on the PSTV pretty useless.

  11. Hi, thanks for the hack!
    I was able to add the PS3 Remote Play to my newly PSTV (fw 3.30) but am having problems to register it with my PS3 (cfw 3.41). From what I have read elsewhere, it should be possible to register it using the mobile phone method, but I always get the error C2-10964-0. I was unable to find any information regarding this error. Is there a way to register the PSTV manually, like editing some files on the PSTV and PS3? Or does the PSTV fw 3.30 does not support anymore the registration using the mobile phone method? I would like to keep the cfw 3.41 on my PS3 because it is the last firmware without any “restriction” implemented by Sony.
    Thanks for any help!

  12. Sounds like a CFW problem as I have the latest rebug and don’t have any issues. So try a different cfw, that’s all I can’t think of at the moment.

  13. Do you absolutely need to have a PS3 with a CFW?
    Can I do this with my non hacked super-slim PS3?

  14. @hackinformer, any chance for this tutorial to be updated for use with Henkaku? I would really like to use this app with my PS3

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