Release: TN-V 11 bubble for FW3.50 and Vita bubble blower

Since qwikrazor released his bubble method it’s time for me to release our TN-V11 pboot so you can also enjoy this on your PSVita or PSTV. I know a lot of you are going to ask why not 3.51 or 3.52, well just like I said in my previous article without being able to write to the game folder it sucks. I know that there are other tricks out there to write to the game folder, but they can be a hassle to use and it’s just easier to use Ark or VHBL instead.psvita new bubbles copy

Some of you may have notice we already updated our guide with the files needed to use the TN-V11 bubble. So to get started on making your TN-V11 bubble for FW3.50 you can visit our guide, here.

Now the other release is called Vita bubble blower this homebrew is very neat and will do all the hard work for you when it comes to making those bubbles.CQWrpeOUYAAKYLv

The sad thing is it only works on FW3.36 and below but if you have two PSVita’s and one is on 3.50Fw these bubbles will work once they are done on your PSVita with FW3.36. We have also included it in our guide, just visit here to start making those bubbles.

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  1. *sigh*
    Didn’t know I would loose anything other than rejuvinate if I updated to 3.52. Sad face.

  2. HackInformer… There, on cm pony’s YouTube ARK bubble guide, aa person commented a command to instantly blow bubbles using SQ Lite db… Tq and will TN-V run on

  3. I’m happy, i bought a ps vita on 1.61 and i update it on 3.36 .Oh yeah

  4. Still trying to decide if I should upgrade all my “&” bubbles in 3.18… The idea of being able to backup individual bubbles is very intriguing. Is it a pain to clone bubbles with qwik’s? can I only make one bubble per game??

  5. Keep getting the following error : C1-2858-3 tried Monster Hunter Unite and Ape Quest as base games, they do seem to work with ARK-2 but getting the error with TN-V. Can someone help?

  6. i was wonder why not Redirect the homebrew psp emualtor in the it own dummy folder then make psp/games read from there

  7. Hackinformer, can I use that 3.50 TN-V on 3.52 with smoke’s PSP installer? Or plz do something else. I really want TN-V on 3.52 🙁

  8. A guide for this PBOOT.PBP. I would play kingdom hearts with this bubble metod

  9. wondering if TN-V11 came out for 3.52

  10. has anyone managed to get this to work on 3.18fw?

    • works likr a charm on 3.18

      • could you tell me how to do it plz as im new to vita hacking and have had very little success with other hacks.

        • Its easy just oick a base game and make sure u know the game id i used Talkman Travel Tokyo. Then copy The TNV-11 savegame with 660.PBP inside, now send the PBOOT.PBP as an attachement to your vita in subject type ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/GameID/PBOOT.PBP. Now all u need to do is copy the game with qcma to pc and then copy it back and there is yout TNV 11 bubble hope this helps.

          • One more thing when u do this part ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/GameID/PBOOT.PBP put the game id of your base game.

          • thanks but still a little confused, where do i get the pboot from for this as the ark package does not contain such a file and which save do i use the 3.3x ? cheers

          • The PBOOT is in the 3.50 TNV 11.rar that u download it contains the PBOOT.PBP and TNV save

          • The only problem with this is that it kills the 3.18 TNX exploit since it overwrites the TNV save that xs moto uses.

          • Just wait I have away around that too, it will be released soon..

          • thank you i was following the mr gas tutorial which somehow had given me the wrong files and thats what was so confusing me, i have now installed tnv 11 on my 3.18fw vita, cheers so much for your help, now to install games and apps

  11. I want TN on my 3.52, is there any way?

  12. this will work on duplicated bubbles?

  13. First off thanks for providing the files for all of us to obtain.I installed it and works as its designed to. My question is do you have a 3.36 pboot for this because the one you have provided shows in the system information that it is on 3,50 tnv but the fact is i am on 3.36. The reason for the request is that you cant write to the psp folder on the 3.50 tnv but you can on 3.36 tnv. Much appreciated when you can add that thanks for taking the timeout to read this.

  14. Thanks i did that. The issue is that even being on 3.36 using your provided files i still cant write/change anything as i could do on lets say php exploit for 3.36. there’s a work around which is creating another bubble with vhbl to do any changes to the psp folder. Is it possible you can make a edit for those tnv files to be native in every aspect working on 3.36 to the point you can edit files in the psp folder without the need to make a vhbl just to make changes to the psp folder?

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