Qwikrazor87 releases his bubble method for the PSVita FW3.52

Wow, the bubbles just keep on coming! For whatever reason qwikrazr87 has just released his bubble trick, now these bubbles are very easy to make and are nothing like the rebirth bubbles. All you need is one of the exploits listed but if you have access to your MS0: inside the PSVita or PlayStation TV on FW  3.36 and below you can place qwikrazor87 special pboot inside any game in your game folder. Some games work better then others, as you can use some minis, but I would not recommend it.

Another good thing about these bubbles is that you can rebuild the PSVita database and they will stay intact, so if you swap memory sticks around they won’t disappear.

Here is what qwikrazor had to say about his release.

      • Here’s my bubble for 3.51 and 3.52 (for now), for Pool Hall Pro (US), World of Pool (EU), Puzzle Scape (EU) and Rockman Rockman (JP).
      • To use on 3.55, you must first install the bubble on 3.52 or lower, then upgrade to 3.55 once the bubble is confirmed working, update only if you really need to, or if you don’t care about hacks, whatever floats your boat.
These 3.52 files can be used on 3.51.
Download: Pool Hall Pro
Download: Puzzle Scape
Download: Rockman Rockman
Download: World of Pool


Download: Pool Hall Pro
Download: Puzzle Scape
Download: Rockman Rockman
Download: World of Pool


Now that this has been released I will release my pboot for TN-V11 for 3.50fw and below. I just need some time to get everything ready for a release. So please bare with me for the time being.
NOTE: I do not recommend leaving FW 3.52 for 3.55fw as you will lose so many good things like custom bubbles, themes and etc..  
He has also released bubbles for FW3.50 users, but these bubbles will only work on FW3.50 or FW3.36
Here is what he had to has about these bubbles.
  • I hope these files work, for 3.50 (can also work on 3.36, but I suggest using a build made for that firmware). readme is included.

Let’s not forget to thank qwikrazor87 as this wouldn’t be possible, to enjoy these easy to use bubbles. You can donate to him via pay pals here www.paypal.com every little bit show how much we enjoy his work.

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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. Wonder why he picked now of all times to release it, well they seem better than the other ones I guess.

  2. Daniel Whittlesey

    I cannt get it t o work. I’m running pool hall pro 5.32 usa. Freezes screen on the arcade mode and get an error

  3. Daniel Whittlesey

    I get c1-2858-3 error
    Do i have to make a long bubble e trick or should this be strength ford.

    • ok what you need to do is send the 2 save folders over, then run the game wait for it to turn green when it does back up your game to your pc, then send the game back and you should see the bubble, if you don’t try and re bulid your data base and also make sure you re download his files there was a prob with the first set it all works now… ill help as much as i can but what i said worked for me hit me up if your still stuck ok 🙂

  4. Full video tutorial in Spanish as the ARK to install custom bubble in 3 52 (long bubble e trick)
    I think that it covers everything to make the ARK bubble

    Even so I think that they can be guided if the new method of Qwikrazor87 do not work and they want to see if any psp game serves you

  5. Will we get TN-V for 3.52? 🙁

  6. Is it supposed to launch straight to Onemenu or to the File browser thingy?

  7. With ark puzzle scape, i play Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 but others, error C1-2858-3

  8. Struggling to transfer the save data, psvita wants to update regardless of Open CMA 5 or QCMA…. any advice?

    exploit failed ?

  10. ERROR C1-2858-3 HELP!!!

  11. amazing, its work great with me

    thanks a lot to the legend qwikrazor

  12. I have the bubble now, i can open the ARK but i can’t find any of the games i’m trying to transfer any ideas?

  13. Any theme for AKR on 3.52 ?

  14. Daniel Whittlesey

    Will this work on ps vita tv usa 3.52

    • Yep just installed it on my unit I use to grab PSN content for my 3.20 model. Even upgraded to 3.55 keeping VHBL & ARK bubbles in tact. Not sure WTF I’ll do with them but they are there now.

  15. Someone can help me? In the Ark menu when i want play a game, the screen its freeze, black screen and c1-2858-3 🙁

  16. How can create the bubble of vhbl, i have only bubble ark

  17. so i have the 3.52 pool hall pro exploit working and now i have the 138menu working and also have some homebrew working. I am having issues getting homebrew to be installed by 138 menu. I think i got my file structures messed up, if i want to use my homebrew it seems that I have to manually open them through ark-2 and that I cannot find them to install on 138 menu. Is there a guide to help me with the final touches?

  18. Does this allow me to play PSP iso games?

  19. where are the tutorials? what does it mean to have a base game? i have vita 3.36 dont have any games on it can i have this exploit?

  20. Daniel Whittlesey

    I still cannt get pool hall pro 3.52 to go into green screen when I run the exploit it freezes and I get error, I transfered files using qcma offline. Please help

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