Preview: “The Minotaur” From Ratalaika Games

Today we have a preview of  the new game “The Minotaur” from Ratalaika Games

the minotaur

We have also been talking about this game for a bit now you can read our other 2 posts here and here.




Now the version I was sent was not the finished game but was more then enough to get the feel and joy of this simple yet challenging game. This game is fun to play with a difficultly that lets all players enjoy the game  (and you may even curse a few minotaurs out) but all in good fun.
The music is wonderful  and will be stuck in your head as you go about your day after playing.

The Minotaur offers many different game modes so there is always something for everyone. The game has you pitted up against minotaurs in a cubed stage were you the hero must trap, crush, and destroy the minotaurs all while trying to avoid them catching you. Also they will move in ways that your hero can’t so you must be fast on your feet not to get caught.


The game is still pending approval on Steam Greenlight  so please support them on this game here. There is also a demo on steam so you can play it and try it out for yourself and see if you have what it takes to kill those pesky minotaurs.

“Four humans have been put to test by the Gods of the Ancient Greece, they shall face the minotaurs in the labyrinth. To survive, the must show their wisdom and solve the traps inside the labyrinth, all while avoiding the minotaurs. Their goal is to reach the last room, where the exit will be shown and they can finally be free.”

You can find the demo and more info on Steam the game is still pending approval on Steam Greenlight  so please support them on this game by placing your vote here.

Also this awesome soundtrack can be found here.

There you have it everybody please help this game make it and stop by to see what else they have planed and show your support for this wonderful independent game company.

As always thanks for reading and remember do it for the love of the game!


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