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PSVita: CFWprophet releases Vita DAT Tool

CFWprophet, has been releasing tools for the PSVita left and right lately. Just the other day he released an updated version of the EML file generator and Vita Title Update HMAC-256 Tool. Well today he has released yet another tool called “Vita dat tool”, now this tool won’t be useful to most of us, but the dev’s should really enjoy it.vdat tool3vdat toolvdat tool2

At the moment this tool can encrypt and decrypt a dat file, but there is no way to put a encrypted index.dat file back on the PSVita. Well there is no public way to do it yet and if know anything about dat files please contact cfwprophet via twitter

Here’s the official description:

A DAT Tool for the Playstation Vita. Currently only index.dat files that are supported. It can encrypt or decrypt a dat file. Keys need to be in ‘C:\vitakeys\’. For index and the encryption part: the tool will compute a SHA256 Hash of the index.txt and will copy it on top of the index.txt in the RAM, then encrypt it. Not much more to say right now beside that there is no public way to copy that new encrypted index.dat back to your Vita. If something will be released and your a User please be carefull. If you are a dev and can tell me something about DAT’s for Vita I would be glad to learn something new 🙂 * Special Greets and THX to Hykem & Proxima for sharing the keys with us. – Have fun cfwprpht-


Download Vita Dat Tool here

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