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Yeah, I know, you’re saying “inFAMOUS Second Son has been out for a year and a half.” Well, you’re right. But as I wasn’t around when it came out and I’m such a huge fan of inFAMOUS I thought now would be a good time to bring it to you.second-son1

So, where to begin? This game is amazing in every aspect of the word. I loved the first two and couldn’t imagine this one being anything short of great. I was right. From the stunning visuals to the great player control and amazing story this game will keep you on your toes.

You start out as a normal, everyday young adult that’s brother to a cop and causing mischief. When a truck carrying three conduits, or bio-terrorists as they’re now known in the world, wrecks and sets them all three free Delsin Rowe grabs the hand of one trying to save his brother from being shot. In the process sees glimpses into the man’s memories and also inherits some of his power. Naturally being freaked out by this he seeks out his brother. The two of them end up on a trip through Seattle allowing Delsin time to destroy a lot of government property and thrash hundreds of “DUP Troopers” as they’re known.second-son2


The above shot is one of my own that I took on Labor Day demonstrating your first power which is smoke. It’s pretty cool absorbing smoke from burning cars to shoot at baddies. You end up with two more powers throughout the game. My favorite has to be video power but neon runs a close second. This game certainly delivers in diversity and game mechanics. My only complaint is that it’s not longer. Not to say it’s short. It takes quite a while to get through it but I could prob play it for a long time.second-son3


The bad guy, or in this case woman, is Brooke Augustine. She’s the head of the DUP and a really nasty woman. She has concrete powers and she’s one of if not the strongest conduit in the world. Makes for a great battle. However, if you think you’re done think again. There is a stand-alone DLC called inFAMOUS First Light starring one of the other characters and telling their story. You could technically play it on it’s own but why would you want to unless you beat this one first.


The controls in this game are pretty easy to adapt to. new powers and upgrades unlock new attacks that correspond to different buttons. Overall it seems rather fluid to get to blasting things and people with ease.

Next, and certainly one of the most important, is the fact that you choose your role in this game. You have the ability to be the good guy, saving the day and being loved by all. However, if you’re a little bit on the darker side and want to choose to be evil, you can kill civilians and basically be selfish and evil at every turn. It’s your choice. I have played both as I like to do that and I also have the Platinum of this game which is really odd for me bc I’m not a trophy hunter. I prefer to be good. I like the adoration and not having cops trying to kill me along with the baddies. To each their own, though.


This is another of my screenshots. You’ll be drawing graffiti all over the city and doing some cool sidequests like hunting down DUPs that are trying to blend in with the crowd. Can’t get bored in this game.

Here’s you some gameplay to wet your appetite:

Overall, this game gets a 9/10 from me. I love all the inFAMOUS games and this one stands right up with the other two as the top step for now. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next installment!

Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!!

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