PSVita: New exploit for firmware 3.52 (JP region only)

173210 has revealed yet another new exploit for firmware 3.52 and although this exploit is for the Japanese region there is a big advantage to is one as it’s totally free.131571_front

Because of this we recommend to create an account at JP Store and get this totally free game now.

探 偵 オ ペ ラ ミ ル キ ィ ホ ー ム ズ 1.5 ~ 体 験 版 第 1 話 「結成, ミ ル キ ィ ホ ー ム ズ!」

  • ( Detective Opera Milky Homes Demo )001-2


As you can see it is a DEMO, which you can find this here: Detective Opera Milky Homes Demo

For now, the he is still working with this exploit and has yet to release any files, keep in mind that this exploit is for use with the VHBL.

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  1. Still has the 1mb restriction I assume

  2. que bien espero que se puedan jugar juegos PSP

  3. i dont know japanese

  4. If I backup my vitas memory card to my pc, then format the system and setup for a jap psn will I be able to later reset it again, set it back to my us account, and transfer my old games/saves? I can’t afford to lose my mgs save

    • Yes you can do it without worries.When you copy a digital the game, cma copies both the game and the save, if you have a phisical game then cma will copy the savedata.I do it often and I can assure you it’s convenient to do it since you can have a backup

  5. Does this still have the stupid 1mb limit? if so even if its free its still a waste of time!

  6. Someone ought to grab a pkg. Aren’t they region free, as long as they’re demos? It’d be nice to have a use for the email hax.

  7. in the playstation store exit the game but it is nothing to download. an already removed?

  8. got the game thanks for the heads up

  9. The game has already been removed from psn so its highly likely that the 1mb patch isn’t present in this one since sony did ignore the last 2 announced exploits recently and didn’t even bother removing them due to the 1mb patch crap so this one is starting to look promising, so glad i got the demo and backed it up even tho i already have a 3.36 vita to play on 😛

    • The game hasnt been pulled yet, I just went to the store and its still there!

      Go to the search box and type “1.5”, it will come up with a list of about 5 or 6 games (all with the same icon), go down to the very bottom, the one with the number 1 on the icon, download THAT one!

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