Review: SuperFrog HD for PSVita and PS3!

Welcome back to another edition of ss4gogeta069 reviews! Today I have a game that is a go to for me on my PSVita! I’m talking about SuperFrog HD!


Guys, this game is super fun and can be frustrating and challenging at times. I discovered it while looking for a game for my girl and thought it would be perfect for her. Little did I know I would be playing it A LOT! 🙂  It is an HD remaster of an old Amiga game from 1993.

The mechanics of the game remind me of a cross between Mario and Sonic. You’re a SuperFrog and you go around collecting fruit and coins to raise your score while avoiding and/or killing enemies. Your ultimate goal is to kill a witch and thus releasing a princess.


You start out with only the ability to jump. Throughout the levels you get a little green pellet that you can throw to kill baddies and a cape that will allow you to slowly float down. Some enemies can be bounced on while others must be hit with the green pellet.


The game does seems repetitive in the fact that all levels are about moving through solving small puzzles to unlock the next section of the level while also collecting fruit and coins but the different enemies and backgrounds give it enough of a refresher to make it fun. There are spikes to avoid and lots of different things to kill you. You’ll find yourself getting careless at just the right time for the game to do you in. LOL Also, there is a level editor where you can create your own levels and play them through. You must win custom levels by finishing existing levels and spinning the fruit wheel to gain prizes.


All in all this is a really fun game in my opinion and should definitely be picked up for something to pass the time. I have to give it a 7/10 just for sheer fun and excitement. Can’t complain about Mario meets Sonic right?

Thanks for reading and as always.. HAPPY GAMING!!

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