PSVita: About the Pool Exploits #2

Well hello again everyone,

Today, I want to talk a little bit more about the Pool exploits and what’s going on at the moment.


As you probably know, I silently spread the information of exploits in the ‘Pool games’ a couple of weeks ago to for one reason to see if the scene was paying attention and how Sony would react to this. Well today we know how they reacted..

But at first I wanted to once again voice my frustration about how all this went. We are talking about a small usermode exploit release like we had dozens of times before. It really isn’t something special anymore and we should concentrate on the native side imho. Thats why I really don’t understand why everyone made a that big drama out of all this.


Fact is that there of course is an exploit in the Pool games because neither I myself, Hackinformer nor The Zett or Wololo lie to our community.

BUT, (and now we’re coming to the bad part)

As I feared and it turned out Sony is no longer pulling Games from the store but simply started applying their 1MB patch to not only Minis anymore. Yes World of Pool and Pool Hall Pro both got locked up and added to Sony’s blacklist. (What in the end and for you means, those games are not better than for example Puzzle Scape in terms of VHBL or launching a eCFW at all)


There currently is no easy way around the 1MB patch and due to the fact that we additionally still can’t write to PSP/GAME we must agree that Sony found a good way of locking us out (finally).

So yes, thats where we stand at the moment and we can be sure that this is the way Sony will deal with exploit games and us now. But though I’m really excited and want to see what the next firmware will bring and patch.

Since alot people already bought the games I’m not really sure about how to proceed from here because there really isn’t much one can do with the actual exploits now. Maybe we might start a poll about a release but yeah thats it for now.

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  1. The big fuss is because some people updated past 3.51 so they can’t use rejuvenate anymore.But still, there are a lot who insulted wich is not the right thing to do.I myself have a vita on 3.52 but I’m not angry at all.Sometimes, things happens and there’s nobody at fault, so better just stop blaming anyone.Thanks qwikrazor and freakler for letting us know

  2. thanks for letting us know guys

  3. No worries, guys. I grab exploit games as they are announced in the hopes of doing some tinkering and maybe playing PSP games that you can’t get in the Vita Playstation Store. Been following you guys for years and will continue to do so in the future. Sony is really mistreating the Vita despite it being a great piece of hardware. As a consumrr, I believe we have the right to do what we want with the consoles we buy, even if that means modifying it to run things that it normally couldn’t. Keep up the good work, guys. You’ll always have my support.

  4. A release would be great, even if it’s a crappy one, at least it will ease some tension i guess (why would someone be angry about this ? i don’t understand).
    Your work is more than welcome, and you guys have all my support too.
    Keep up the good work ! Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Exploits exploits exploits exploits f*ck exploits…

  6. So then this means we’re back to no PSP exploit on 3.51 and 3.50 then?

  7. Even vhbl would be nice if possible but I grabbed it and truthfully I am not bothered at all. I still have my 3.18 system and my 3.52. I use that for Vita games and my other for TN-X and TN-V every once and a while. I have several exploit games finding some better then others like I bought XS moto with WoP and Talkman Tokyo as they were cheap and much more efficient then Tekken 2 which I got for $.99 on a fire sale but loved TN-X so much I replaced my perfectly working exploit for ease. Same thing with Patapon 1 which I have had for years and worked fine but Talkman just is more efficient.

  8. And there goes my last reason for keeping my Vita! Been considering giving it to my son for his 7th birthday (that or get him a brand new one) but yeah…not much left that interests me, Diablo 3 RoS takes up all my time on my PS4 anyways these days!

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