PS4 running a homebrew pong & using the DS as wireless controller

It’s riddle43, back with some awesome news! You may remember CTurt, as the guy who posted about the PS4 executing unsigned code, which you can read that here. He has also has been working on the PS4 SDK with the help of   via the PS4 webkit. Now it seems he has been able to run pong and he also has found another way to render graphic in native code using HTML5.

“Rendering to an HTML5 canvas with native code on the PS4 (using a WebKit exploit). Source code can be found in the PS4-SDK canvas example:”…

Here you see he was able to get the PS4 to play a homebrew pong and he’s was using a DS as a controller.

Here’s what he said on his youtube video.

“The game’s core is native code, but the renderer is an HTML5 canvas since we can’t use the video out library, and it is controlled wirelessly using a Nintendo DS since we can’t use the official controller library. This proves that some basic homebrew is possible, using some drastic workarounds for the limitations that are present.”

Like he has said before, he has no plans of releasing anything yet. This just a POC, but it’s one big step in the right direction

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