World Trigger borderless mission coming to the PSVita

Bandai Namco are bringing yet another anime adaptation to your PSVita! Due out September 17 the title is a “team cooperation and battle action” title based off of the popular Japanese manga, and eventual anime, World Trigger where gates to a different world are opened suddenly. Monsters called “Neighbors” start appearing from it, and a special ‘Border defense’ unit is created to deal with trigger

As in the main series, the game takes place in the Border’s headquarters of Mikado City and is said to emphasize creativity in player strategies by giving them a number of options in terms of things such as the platoons and the Triggers they can use.

The game will also features a multiplayer mode where players can get together and take on missions together, as well as edit their platoons and determine who plays what role – such as Attacker, Shooter, Gunner, Sniper.

PlayStation®Vita [Action] Release: September 17, 2015 [JPN]

You can pre order it here


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