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Infinite Stratos is an adventure game where the player’s relationship with the heroines change depending on their choices. 5pb’s adventure game will take place just several days after the previous ‘World Purge’ chapter.GA.02293.0001

During adventures players take on the role of Ichika Orimura and enjoy the academy life together with the heroines. Depending on which options are chosen during your conversations, your ‘Braveheart Points,’ which signify your manhood, will rise and fall.

In ‘Communication mode’ it will be possible to give the game’s heroines a massage in order to deepen your bonds. If successful, your Braveheart Points will go up, and the opposite if you fail. Massage techniques include applying pressure to parts of the body with your finger, tapping the relevant body part, light rubbing, or simply asking where she would like to be massaged.infinite-stratos-2-love-and-purge2
PlayStation®3 PlayStation®Vita [Adventure] Release: September 03, 2015 [JPN]

Limited Edition includes:

  • Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge Game
  • Laura Black Cat SD Figure
  • Original Soundtrack

You can pre order it here for the PSVita and the PS3 here

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