Omega Labyrinth coming soon to the PSVita

D3 Publisher is bringing a rogue-like dungeon RPG to the PS Vita, Omega Labyrinth, and it’s equipped with a new sexy “chest-expanding” Oppai mechanic! Matrix Software will handle development while character design will be handled by Wadatsumi. GA.02461.0003

The titular mechanic ‘Omega Power’ affects the chest size of the characters you control, gradually increasing the size over time. As your character’s chest size increases, so will their status, and when your status reaches its maximum potential ‘Hatsumune Mode’ will be triggered! As you fight and explore your way through dungeons you’ll earn Omega Power, which can be used to purchase and appraise new items once you have completed the dungeon.

When you first obtain items in Omega Labyrinth they will appear as “Unidentified Crystals”, in order to know the details about the crystals you’ve obtained you’ll need to have them appraised through the game’s unique ‘Oppai Appraisal’ system, which consists of placing said item between your choice of character’s breasts and jiggling them, thus revealing the item’s true nature. This process is able to be skipped if the player chooses.OMEGA LABYRINTH

Players can choose two characters to explore dungeons with – the leader and a partner – or alternatively go alone. The caveat is that if you die in the dungeon both characters’ equipment will be lost in true rogue-like fashion, so proceed with caution!

First-print copies will include download codes for the “Lightning Malans” and “Hip Shield” equipment.

You can preorder it here



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