PSVita: About the Pool Exploits

Note from Hackinformer: “Hello everyone, before you read this article, I like to apologize for not clearing the air up about this pool exploit stuff.  Next don’t blame Wololo or the Zett for any of this as they don’t know about it and only reported the news. Which has been our guide for MONTHS!! but whatever, next why doesn’t anyone ask us on our forums, email, twitter etc.. So sorry about any confusion! Now read the article and this should clear things up.”


Okay, I was really busy the last several days and this statement should have been public a lot earlier. I can’t believe all this became such a big deal…


Anyway, like everyone else you probably heard about these Exploit Games over at by The_Zett. He found out about this because of me silently writing it in my news. No one else seemed to care about it + my Firmware Guide stated it as exploitable for weeks!! So you can think of this as a test or whatever you want.

After there was an EU only release with Puzzle Scape I sat down again and started exploit hunting for US games. Since I know most of you don’t want to pay high prices, I started looking to re-exploit popular and formerly used games so that there is a chance some people already own it. The ‘Icon games’ are, once again, full of flaws and so is Pool Hall Pro and it’s european counterpart World of Pool. Additionally they might launch eCFW which Puzzle Scape couldn’t, but we will need to wait for qwikrazor about that.

So the fact is: YES, there is yet another (the 4th) exploit in Pool Hall Pro (and probably in World of Pool)

Why didn’t we do a Ninja Release?

Because I really think Sony has other things to worry about than patching more usermode exploits right now and, as Puzzle Scape showed, they don’t even bother to take exploit games from the store anymore.

Why is it grayed out in the PlaystationFirmwareGuide?

Simple. Because its not released yet and ergo confusing for people using my guide. On the other hand no one noticed that for weeks so whatever..

(RANT) I can’t believe that everyone is going crazy like this and even attacking Wololo and especially The Zett for only reporting this. Right now I am tempted to release nothing. This was a test and that’s why we silently TRIED to spread these news. As it turned out that was not a good idea and we won’t do it again like this. Now, I want to apologize for Zett getting into all this. Why does everyone go off blaming others when we are right here though?! NO ONE asked me or hackinformer about it.

Great so when is the release?

Currently on ice because of obvious reasons. It was planned to get released right with the new Firmware Update which now is postponed. Which, btw, might be another reason everything got that f**ed up. (/RANT)

So lets see what sony will do and I will get back to qwikrazor because of the release. We’ll keep you updated..

Catch me on twitter: @freakler94

About Freakler

Moin! Occasional programmer, number 2 here at & creator of the PlayStationGuide. I mainly talk about console-hacking related stuff..


  1. Good. Don’t release it then. We don’t need your help to the community any more for you and that zett. Just clear off.

  2. @Noone : Are you serious ? Thanks to those kind of guys (Freakler and The Zett) we can get things for free and fully exploit our devices. We should all be thankfull to them and they get all my support.

    @Freakler : Video Games medias are full of idiots, do not bother with them. As a player, and as a programmer myself I thank you for your work and I am waiting for this exploit. I apologize for all the unkind words and the depressing community that shit on you on daily basis because of what seems to be a big misunderstanding. Keep the good work Freakler and thanks for the things you’ve done. You have all my support.

  3. I think most people are caring about native homebrews and rejuvenate now. So they are stick on FW 3.51. That’s why noone notice…

  4. I still hope that majority of Vita users ar not butthurt trolls like Noone. I mean come on, it was one week since the article, and they don’t have that much patience to wait a few days, and even send death threats to zett? Wtf is wrong with them?

  5. Thank you for all of your hard work. Also, for what it’s worth, I actually noticed the games being listed as exploitable on 3.52. However, since 3.52 is less featured than older firmware (at least as far as TN-V is concerned), I didn’t look into it.

  6. Thanks for all the handwork and these idiots do not represent the majority of people that are very grateful 🙂 Just ignore them, we have every faith in your abilities, for us.

  7. I’ve managed to get numblast exploit for ps vita 3.36 and homebrew channel for 3ds 9.9 because of hackinformer and wololo. And it cost me NOTHING! keep up the good work!

  8. Thank you for the clarification, and of course you’re not to blame. Obviously it was that “green then gray” thing that confused everybody.
    You did your best for the sake of the users, and there’re only few people out here that do it, so thank you.

    For me, since I’m on 3.51 but I don’t like Rejuvenate (too much constraints for me), I will only hope that the game will not be pulled out of the store or that there won’t be any new firmware. I’m waiting for buying it because the previous exploit needed another device, and I don’t have any.
    My dream scenario would be a release of VHBL while World of Pool is available to download, I will update to 3.52, buy several games online + World of Pool, then enjoy my new games along with my (very) old ones (GBA/NES :3 )

    But that’s just my dream scenario ^^

  9. Just to let you guys know you can’t stop me from saying what I want here. So yeah, shut that mouth of yours.

  10. Damn m8. Nice b8.

  11. I can’t believe people went this far… I haven’t ever hacked my psvita, and here I am on 3.52 wanting to very very badly.Some of the main reasons is one, I have bought some spyro and crash basher games, but I can’t use them becuase some reason you can’t on NA psvita.Another reason is because there is some games I physycly own for the psp that aren’t availble on psn that I really want on my psvita.Some good examples are the simpsons games, spiderman friend or foe, then, of course, the crash basher games… Then of course who doesn’t want to play their old snes, nes, gba, gbc, ds, gamecube, n64, and other classics like that on their vita? I mainly got my ps vita for the spyro games and minecraft, and my psvita still hasn’t fulfullied What I even bought it for…

    Please don’t pay attention to those people like @noone who are the way they are, but please consider us that really need/want this and are greatful and appreciative for your work.

  12. My comment got posted twice?… uh

  13. Daniel Whittlesey

    Well I’m 1 of the good guys. I hope you release your work on pool hall pro. To all the haters their suck it. It’s a jealousy thing you know that. Without haters we’d all be gods Keep up the good work

  14. If you guys manage again to run eCFW for PSP on the 3.51, you sir, are blessed from the heavens!
    You guys will have my 10 bucks or more.
    I hope you and qwikrazor find a way to put the TN or Ark in this again.
    I wish the very best to both of you, who already done so much for this community! God bless you all. Thanks so much.

  15. i don’t understand why people are upset when they arn’t even being charged for an exploit. these people work hard to find these things for us while we just sit on our backs waiting for free stuff and complaining. this kind of behavior is barbaric and honestly, id vote for no release at all because of this. Selfish attitudes receive selfish responses.

    some are upset that they had to pay $3 for a game… you’re supposed to buy your games in the first place, and that small payment for a game that can use a free exploit so you can play free games is well worth the price. If you’re upset that you had to buy a game then maybe you should put the system down and get a job..that way you could learn gratitude and focus on what’s really important.

    the game cost less than a McDonalds Happy Meal
    ( just saying)

  16. I just want to say thank you for the hard work. I know you and the Zett and other members of work hard and get nothing in return for your efforts so thanks.

    I have yet to hack my PS Vita, but I plan on doing it now if a 3.52 exploit is released.

  17. What the hell happened to the days when devs would just go, release stuff and leave?
    Why is it that all this stupid drama and e-peen measuring contest is mandatory nowadays?
    Hykem making up raids, smea being a cocktease on a lot of his stuff, now Zett and whoever else have their feelings hurt by some unknown and irrelevant assholes on the internet who can barely form a coherent sentence and that is making them not wanting to release shit for people who actually care.
    What utter pussification of the scene. Nothing but neutered people and defeatists nowadays.

    • Hard to say whats going on right now. Hykem I have no idea what happen there and the same for the zett (who is not a dev, just a reporter) & whoever.. Anytime we have something we release it as the other dev’s I have no idea what there attentions are but the 3ds scene is the closest to the old xbox/psp days as there are always new things popping up and getting released. PS4 I don’t think anyone wants to become the next geohot or the guy that killed the ps4 gaming experience as we know how the ps3 hacks are looked at and how they ruin online gaming, but that just imp about these little things.

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