3DS: Smea releases stability update for Ironhax Installer


Smea will not rest until the whole world enjoys homebrew on the 3DS. That’s awesome and everyone should thank him for all his effort. The homebrew launcher gets more stable each and every day. Maybe with this constant development, more homebrew devs for the 3DS will be motivated to update their work.

With this latest release Smea has updated stability of the Ironhax exploit. You should have a much higher success rate now and if still need help don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Smea has known to listen to devs and fans alike, the more testing you do the better. It helps out the community as whole and makes the 3DS scene that much better. You can grab the latest release from here and be sure to give a thanks to smea on his twitter.


Team Hackinformer signing out

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