PS4 SDK open source in the works & it could use your help

The other day developer Cturt released the PS4 Playground and file browser, if you missed you can read about it here. Well today, developer CTurt has made his PS4 SDK project open to the public and he could use your help to keep it moving forward.PS4 SDK

The PS4 SDK is developed from running ROP tests and can currently interact with the kernel through a subset of known system calls. Also supports enough of networking to open a socket and send a message.

Like CTurt said in his tweet, it can’t do much at this time, but with it being open source. Hopefully it will get the help it needs like the psp2sdk that we use for rejuvenate aka UVLoader did. If you would like to help out or just curious, you can go here to the commits and take a look at it.

Download: CLICK HERE!

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  1. It would be a shame if they were able to open the PS4’s kernel before the Vita’s

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