PSVita: Qwikrazor87 releases VHBL for Puzzle Scape

A week ago or so xmaxkatsu revealed Puzzle Scape was exploitable and now qwikrazor has just released VHBL for Puzzle Scape!! I’m surprised that qwikrazor87 didn’t give up on this mini as most of us know mini’s are not the best for exploits. There are a few out here that can run things better then other mini’s like Arcade Darts. Why are mini’s so crappy, well a lot of them can’t load certain modules ever since FW 2.60 or 3.00. That’s another reason you don’t see any mini’s as a exploit game anymore but there are a few of them that can and I mean a few.gg_vY1gTZ_VHBL-psvita

Now on to the release of VHBL for Puzzle Scape. Qwikrazor has not given up on this one and seems to be determined to get this one working. Nothing has been tested with Puzzle Scape, like home-brew or emulators so don’t get your hopes up. Most VHBL can’t run everything as some hit limitations like not enough memory etc.. The exploit should work on 3.52fw, but I would not update if you are messing around with rejuvenate. Also Puzzle Scape is not in the US PSN store ( main reason why I’m not testing it) it’s just a EU exploit. None of this has been tested yet so I don’t know what works and what don’t.


“Transfer NPEZ00001SCENE0/ to your Vita.
If you haven’t done so, create a new save (provided save is a different save).
In the main menu click on Gallery and load the save.

The max file size for reading on crappy minis is 1 MB, so that really limits us to what we can run.
Use GUIDOBOT’s VHBL menu (less than 1 MB) and rename it to WMENU.BIN.

If it crashes it’s most likely due to opening a file bigger than 1 MB, so that’s going to cripple a bunch of homebrew.”

Just a reminder no one has tested Puzzle Scape to see if it works and how well it works. If you want to try it out or have the game already. If you have any luck with it please let us know in the comments.

Once again if you are on 3.51fw DO NOT UPDATE as you will lose rejuvenate and maybe more.

So here is the distrib version of VHBL for Puzzle Scape. Replace WMENU.BIN with ‘s 138 menu.


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  1. The exploit is working , VHBL is working , and an emulator is working , everything is fine !!

  2. Saldra alguna vez un menu TN-V para juegos de PSP?

  3. Don’t work, eror on the “HBLCONF.TXT” 🙁

  4. I get to “Creating app list…” and then it gives me error code (c1-2858-3)

  5. It work now and but crah on “Creating app list…”. It crash when i have a in save but when i have nothing, it work fine.

  6. Anthropomorphic Monkey

    Has anybody actually found any emulators which work with PS minis?

  7. I tested PCEPSP on it and it works like a charm , the Z confirmed Nes is working too .

  8. puzzle scope exploit not work error

  9. any solution

  10. Working on 3.52 of mine , started also pcepsp, but it´s just shit made with mini ….

  11. I have psvita tv 3.52 buy puzzle scope exploit try many times show all related video but not working still

  12. i put sms show error result0

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