PSVita cartridge dumped and working by Mr. Gas

Mr. Gas is back at it, this time he going to show you that he can dump Vita cartridges and successfully play them. Mr. Gas has really been knocking them out park and with this one its a grand slam. This would be great for people that have a PSTV and a Vita but want to play a two player game like MVC3 or one of the Street Fighters. Which I found out the hard way as most 2 player games on the PSTV are not 2 Players but if I had the digital versions we could play ad hoc mode on some of them. I’m not even going to talk about privacy and all the other stuff that goes along with it. Right now I’m more amazed as to what he has accomplished. So lets just take it in and worry about the other stuff later.

In the video you can see that you still need the cartridge to get in on the system of course. No one know if this is a permanent thing, but once he dumps the game it looks like you are already set to go and enjoy dumped games on the Vita. Here is a quick video by Mr.Gas..

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    it’s not piracy so i don’t think Sony would fix this … i hope

  2. That’s amazing, i have to know how to do it! it will be incredible to share my games with my Brother 🙂

  3. The great news of the year, i’m so happy to share all my game with my son and to do the fight between father and son….

    Congratulation Mr Gas 😉

  4. Wow that’s impressive. I have two PSTV’s I hope this will work them as well as it seems to be left behind even in the hacks lately not just by Sony.

  5. show how you did it not just part of it

  6. Even if this gets released and gets even further developed, (no carts required) this current solution looks really good to me.

    Piracy is a sad thing when it happens, but I’m more for freedom of choice and information so do what you gotta do.

  7. good stuff, this might possibly allow me to play dragon’s crown coop with friend – we got only one second hand copy and game is physically unavailable in my country. Other than that, piracy or not, this is natural evolution, if anything this may raise interest in vita which might be good for comunity. As for sony… I can care about them as “much” as they care about ps vita… *I dont give a damn.

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