Mr. Gas shows xmaxkatsu what Vita FW files look like

A few days ago there was a lot of drama going on with FW files and TV out for the PSVita. Well today Mr. Gas has reveal actual FW files for 3.01. If you missed all the drama you can read about it here.

Lets take a look at the files Mr. Gas has shared with us via Twitter.

vita fw1


You are probably thinking what the hell am I looking at. When you look at the picture above you can see the file sizes clearly and here is xmaxkatsu post seen below with the file sizes.


The files you are looking at are the os0 found on the NAND’s where the “main” OS files are including all the kernel libraries and the most important user libraries. There’s always two copies of this for redundancy and updating will only update the inactive partition and the active flag is swapped. You can read more about the Vita file structure at

Like I have said before Mr.Gas is a very talented devs and he has given us some of the best tricks and hacks for the PSVita which most of us still enjoy today. So with that said who do you believe, let us know in the comments below.

Download: os0:/FW 3.01

Mirror: os0:/FW 3.01

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  1. everybody know katsu is a liar

  2. i believe mr gas you are the best thanks for everything

  3. it was obvious katsu was the one lying , he lied almost about everything he said , from the HDMI mod and others, Mr,Gas do your best !

  4. I really want the custom whitelist over anything else!!

  5. hackinformer

    OK I put up a mirror of the files.. so you should be able to get them but I don’t don’t how long it will stay up. Could be forever or just a few days

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