Retro Review: Fester’s Quest for NES!

Good morning Vietnam!! Ok, so I’m old. Anyway, I thought I would introduce a lot of you youngsters to a classic that happens to be one of my go-to games on the Nintendo, Fester’s Quest.

Fester's Quest

It’s not a really popular game. In fact, most of you probably have never heard of it. You start out relaxing as Uncle Fester, of The Addams Family obviously, when you’re disturbed by a space ship overhead and come to realize that aliens have taken over. Guess whose job it is to eradicate those pesky aliens? You got it… yours!!

Fester's Quest


Uncle Fester has a gun, and eventually a whip, that you use to shoot and whip aliens, among other odd things, while exploring and solving puzzles. There are all your standard characters from the show scattered throughout the game to help you and give you new items.

You travel through town buying hotdogs to replenish your life while shooting aliens and powering up your gun. Once you get to the building that houses the boss you must navigate your way through the hallways and find him before putting him out of the town’s misery. You traverse through the sewer where you encounter slimes and pink balls that want to eat you, through town and even into the park.

Fester's Quest

All in all this game is quite fun and can be very challenging without cheating. I would definitely suggest picking it up for your NES emulator and give it a shot as you won’t be disappointed!

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