[Review] Squares for the PSVita from LEAP Games!


Hello people, ss4gogeta069 back again with another game review. This time it’s a fresh, brand new game that launched on July 21st. It’s called Squares and published by LEAP Game Studios. This is strictly a Playstation Vita game and once we get into it you’ll see why.


Here is the description from LEAP:

“Squares is a puzzle reflex game for PlayStation Vita that will be available in early 2015. The objective is to turn grey all the blue squares, while dealing with different kinds of squares before the time goes up. The game will feature 80 levels as well as a level editor for creating your own challenges and share them with your friends.”

LEAP Games has done a great job of making improving coordination and reflexes a lot of fun! Squares is a mix between a puzzle game and a brain trainer! It seems to mainly test and improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. You start out really simple with just tapping a couple of squares, as the name of the game implies. You’re timed so naturally there is some pressure and the farther you get in the game, the more difficult it becomes to complete the challenge in the amount of time given.

It’s not just tapping squares either. Some you must move, some can’t be touched and others must be double tapped. The arrows must be swiped but only toward a gray square so if you have a blue square in the way it must be tapped first. If there is a dark blue square it must be double tapped. Also, you’ll get into levels where squares appear only after you have tapped another square. The challenges never slow down. Once you think you have them down pat and can move with ease, BAM! you get hit with a new challenge.


All in all this game is a great exercise in coordination while having fun. You can get frustrated very easily but once you conquer that pesky level you’re elated at the accomplishment! For the price, I say grab this game up as it’s only $4.99 and well worth the value.

Here is a video of some gameplay to wet your appetite and get you excited to be pwned by this game!

Thanks for reading guys and as always… HAPPY GAMING!

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  1. Not saying this might not be a cool game but when i saw ad and then trailer on official sony youtube page weeks ago, I was so upset by this being pinacle of sony’s support for vita I disliked the original video, as many others did. Even despite this, respect to leap studios for supporting vita… but those are sad times for vita gamer, especially one that likes western games and although I like Japanese games a lot, there are people who bought psp2 for western games. I pity those people for if I was one of them I would be absolutely disappointed. I hope that current rejuvenation of homebrew comunity will bear fruits in form of many legendary pc and console games, like doom, being ported to Vita.

  2. Not that I disagree with you but what does Sony’s support of the Vita have to do with this game? I agree we need more games and more ports to Vita from PS3/PS4 but “I was so upset by this being pinacle of sony’s support for vita I disliked the original video” what does that have to do with it?

    • Little, I just found it noteworthy that the game was being reviewed here. It made me stop and think more about how sony is supporting it’s device and how general reception of this game on youtube could have been different if released under different circumstances.

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