Vita Hardware Fundraiser: Part 2

After the first fundraising back in 2013 was a great success and from which YifanLu was able to accomplish the first nand dump as well as get a better idea of how the hardware works, he is now back to it to continue what he started!!


Wait I’m pretty sure I read about him planning to leave after UVLoader is done!??  Well you read right, but as it seems the current progress, youngest discoveries from the “dynamic duo” 😉 and the general rising interest in our loved handheld made him reconsider his decision. Maybe.. but furthermore this seems to be a once in a lifetime opportunity he got there which he doesn’t want to omit or regret later.

Read more here about the process of dumping the Vita Nand ( and see yourself how professional and serious Yifan does his job. So in the end we all can be very sure the money is well invested!

Now lets get to “Part 2”

Here is what he had to say:

I said before that I wouldn’t ask for money again, but I’m afraid I’m breaking that promise today. A situation came about where I might get access to information that could help us in figuring out the security processor in the vita (currently, there is no public information at all about this CPU). The security processor is key in figuring out the boot process, decryption, the kernel, and the secure kernel. Hacking the security processor (which would be a challenge even if we had all the information we need) would be the checkmate for us. The catch is that getting this information will cost $1400 USD. Now I know what you’re thinking and I assure you: this is completely legal. There is no backdoor deal or corporate espionage. This is not any sort of bribe money. Unfortunately, even though this is all legal, the deal hinges on the fact that the sellers don’t suspect that we are using this to try to hack the Vita, so I cannot disclose too much information. The only thing I know is that IF the deal takes place, then MAYBE we get some information on the Vita security processor (which, for the last two years, I’ve been trying to find with no luck). There’s a good chance that even if everything goes right, we end up with no information or useless information, but I am getting desperate and the smallest clue is worth exploring… even if it comes with a $1400 price tag.

I can’t promise anything. I can’t even promise to share what I bought (I might be required to sign an NDA). But I will share as much as I legally can at the end of this endeavor. – yifanlu

$1200 / $1400

Wow! So what do you guys think about this? Please let us know in the comments below.
As for my part and us as team, we will definitively donate $20 each next!

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  1. “This could be the one weakness in the Vita’s fortress of defenses.”

    It seems the weakest part of this system is the human part .

    Yifan negociated for half year this deal?

    Yifan will sign NDA?

    Too many questions, so little anwers, so many rewards/surprises for the scene.

    • he’s not negotiating for a half year, he is trying to do what he may be capable now for this long (i guess)

  2. *checking news every 5 minutes

  3. Well, Yifan Lu’s tuition fee is finally funded!

  4. It ended with the seller being a butt and everyone got refunded.

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