vita update blocker

[Tutorial] How to use Vita Update Blocker!

vita update blocker

Hey guys! I just thought that since I had a couple of people ask me how to use Vita Update Blocker I would give a short tutorial, since that’s all that’s needed, on how to use it.


So, first off, if you’re not familiar with the program, what it does is catch the communication from the Playstation Vita/Playstation TV and basically let you do a few things that you normally couldn’t. For example, if you have a Playstation TV you know there is no USB to PC option like the Vita has so there is no way to simply connect to the PC via OpenCMA and transfer files. Vita Update Blocker lets you do this via wifi. It will also allow you to activate a Playstation TV by copying a game from your Playstation 3 to the Playstation TV without having to update, which would defeat the purpose.

The first thing you need is obviously Vita Update Blocker so you’ll need to go HERE and download the program. Now, go ahead and connect your device, whether it be your PSVita or Playstation TV, to your wifi. Make sure you have the settings turned OFF that says “download firmware updates automatically.” Once you have it connected, go ahead and start up Vita Update Blocker and make sure your antivirus or firewall isn’t blocking it. It should open up and give you an IP address, port and say “blocking all non-related traffic is DISABLED” which is what you want.

vita update blocker

Now, go into settings>network>wifi settings>your connection>advanced settings. Now, scroll down a little and you’ll see proxy server and it will say “Do Not Use” so you want to tap that and change it to “use.” you’re going to put the IP address from Vita Update Blocker into the IP address spot and the port where it says port. Once that’s done and set up like it should be, you can exit that and go do your thing. To spoof it, just go to the PS Store and launch it. It won’t let you into the store and will just show the login but you will see vita update blocker on the pc spoof it. Now you can use it on the PS3 or PC without it asking you to update.

If you’re copying from your computer to Playstation TV be sure your OpenCMA, Cma or QCMA is set to connect over Wifi as well and connect to it via Content Manager on your Playstation TV. If you’re copying games from your PlayStation 3 to your Playstation TV then use Content Manager to connect to your PlayStation 3. If it’s the first time you’ll need to register it and input the code that the Playstation 3 will give you. This will give you the perfect capability to transfer with asking to update.

vita update blocker

Every time a new firmware comes out the next to latest firmware will work through Vita Update Blocker for a week or two. To get access to the Playstation Store this way you MUST BE ON THE NEXT TO LATEST FIRMWARE and it also needs to be right after the new firmware releases. All you have to do is follow the steps above but instead of using Content Manager you simply open the Playstation Store and once it’s open you MUST disable the proxy, otherwise it won’t allow you to download anything.

Download:  VitaUpdateBlocker

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  1. In the console after following your steps it says
    “Vita’s real version is: 03.510.000” (3.51)
    “Latest version is: 03.520.000” (3.52)
    “Spoofed latest version to 03.510.000.” (3.51)
    why isn’t it spoofing to 3.52 instead of 3.51, i’m already on 3.51 i’m trying to spoof to 3.52 please help.

    • I’m having the same issue. I’m on 3.51 and I need the update blocker to broadcast that I’m running 3.52-or I guess now 3.55

    • It’s actually misleading, I thought the same, but it actually says, “spooed latest version to your vita firmware”
      Just english being odd.

  2. Is it actually working? What are you trying to do?

  3. Is not working for me anymore does anyone have it running?

  4. I want to activate my vita tv (3.30) without ps3 can or dose any one has a way

    • Sure. It’s simple. First, be sure during initial setup you put in your account info and password for the activation just don’t update. Then all you have to do is connect your PSTV to vitaupdateblocker and connect your PS3 to the same wifi but not through the blocker. tell the PSTV to connect to your PS3 and you should be able to. Voila!

    • Oh, sorry. Just saw you said without PS3. Afaik there is no way without one.

  5. Can eml. Trick help to activate the vita or vita tv cuz i own a ps vita and ps vita tv, now i stuck at 3.30 and not able to enjoy the hack as it need a base game to run bubble, is ant eals i can do with ps vita tv beside this

  6. I’m trying to install Dragon Fin Soup on my 3.52 Vita but it keeps asking me to upgrade to 3.55 no matter what i do. I tried this as well, the program even spoofed it to think it was 3.52 but even PS Store kept asking for an update.

    What can I do here? I don’t wanna update from 3.52 but I really wanna play my PS+ games. Even if I can transfer them I can’t play them if they are from a version later than 3.52.

    • Well get a ps3 for that is the long way of doing that and ps plus games. Now games that need new FW, they just need new FW that is all. This program is only good for a few days or weeks once PlayStation updates it service. But the pboot trick still works on 3.55 just not the email trick.

      • Yeah I noticed the games asking for fw is not something to do about. Since I only care about hacking for PSP and emu support I might as well go for 3.55. I’ll do that after getting Ark bubble first as someone said it still works afger the update. Thanks for your help

  7. Fails me I have version 3.55 error NW-10743-5, someone help me?

  8. Hey guys I need some info, got a 3.55 Vita with the ark-2 bubble on it, I used vita update blocker 2 days ago to download some games i did not, just in case i cant access ps store again in the near future. My question is, since update blocker wont work for a long time, would i still be able to, at least, use qcma to transfer psp isos/csos and roms for emulators to my Vita? im asking this because before a updated to 3.55, i could not transfers the isos to the vita because the vita’s contente manager always asked me to update in order to transfer. If anyone awnser me this, i will be really gratefull! and sorry for my bad english, its not my primary language! thanks in advance!!

  9. You can use qcma or open cma to block the updates. You can even use vita update block on the ps3 or even qcma/open cma to block it from asking to update it.

    • thanks! I guess I did something wrong that time, because it always asked me to update, well, I will try using qcma properly next time, xD thanks again!! 🙂

  10. Hey I have a question I’m on 3.55 and I’m trying not to update to 3.57, I have downloading the game mimana for the exploit but it’s waiting for my ps vita to connect that’s the problem I am now having I can’t sign into the psn store to get the game to download I had used the blocker to access the store to pay and select the vita for download now I can’t connect and I was wondering what to do next I’m this close but it feels like I’m so far away trying to get this done thanks for anybody help inadvance guys

  11. No longer works on firmware 3.55 wants it after me all the time firmware update. :-/

  12. Cool thanks for the link

    • Ok so I’m using ark with the one menu setup, so how do I put the emulators on there I see them talking about everything else expect how to put emulators on there with ark unless I’m over looking it