Doom for PSVita in progress

After a week of work, a /talk user meetpatty announces he’s working on porting Doom to PS Vita and outlines the current situation.


A month after the release of Rejuvenate, one of the most iconic video games, is finally running natively on PS Vita, as a port of Doom-PSP, being ported by meetpatty using vita2dlib.

Here’s what meetpatty says about the current state of Doom for Vita:

It is by no means stable/without bugs/playable but I am just happy to have it running at all. Most noticeably Wall textures are not being rendered correctly, some control issues and there is no sound yet but it’s a start!

So the release now serves only as a demonstration but it’s enough to make us excited, and I’m sure it’ll be able to do much more in the future. God job, meetpatty!


Here’s how to run Doom on PS Vita (all download links are below):

  • download and put Doom WADs (files containing sprites, levels, and game data) to cache0:VitaDefilerClient/Documents/WADS/ (you’ll have to create the “WADS” folder) using FTPVita
  • download Doom_fixup.elf and run it (either by dropping it on run_homebrew.bat or through VHL)
  • after that, start DOOMU.WAD or DOOM2.WAD from the menu

Additional info:

  • At the moment, only DOOMU.WAD and DOOM2.WAD were tested by meetpatty. I also tried DOOM1.WAD and it didn’t run.
  • If you don’t know how to use FTPVita, check out Freakler’s guide
  • For more homebrew go to Vita Dev Wiki

Update: Vita Doom 
DOWNLOAD DOOMU.WAD (The Ultimate DOOM – an expanded version of Doom)
DOWNLOAD Doom_fixup.elf

Update: Vita Doom by netrix is a whole different doom then the one made by meetpatty.

Here’s what netrix had to say:

I’ve had this sitting around for a while, but I’ve been busy with more important things. I don’t want to detract from meetpatty’s hard work, but it motivated me to release my port. I used the “DoomPSP-0.04 S.S. b5” PSP port. I plan on putting the source on GitHub for community contributions. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do feature requests or provide extensive support due to the lack of free time.


  • WAD files go in “cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/WADS”
  • Supports official WADs only.
  • Audio does not work yet.
  • Press L + R + Start while playing to access control settings.

Download: Vita_Doom_r1.elf

At last, here’s a comment of the former /talk mod fate6:

Wait Doom running natively on the Vita? Well it’s official! The Vita has been hacked! All we need now is a calculator .D

We’ll keep you updated!

Source for meetpatty doom:

Source for netrix doom:


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  1. It refers to hack Rejuvenate or otherwise there now, and good progress 🙂

  2. Most impressive stuff. I hope that this along with RealBoy Vita are precursors of glorious homebrew future that awaits PSV.

  3. I wish it were an official release. Any possibility of getting Id or Bethesda interested in buying it up and putting it on the store (PSN)? or is that complete crazy talk. Probably complete crazy talk.

  4. doom not working for molecule because not playing wads ? where the files for playing thx

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