Progress update on the PS4 Remote play app for the PC

Just a few weeks ago we showed you the PS4 Remote Play app for the PC by Twisted. If you don’t know who Twisted is, you should as he is the one that brought you the modded PS4 remote play app for Android.

ps4 pc remoteplay3

Today Twisted has just recently updated the app for better performance and here is what Twisted had to say about it.

“I’ve got a basic GUI implemented along with hardware accelerated video and V-Sync so the video is very smooth (doesn’t look as good on here after conversion).
I’ve also added in new dynamic controls with profiles that allow for any mapping of the controller so keyboards, mice, controllers even joysticks if you like! As you can see in the video these games weren’t designed for a mouse and with the added lag of being over remote connection its mostly useless at the moment but certainly something I hope to improve upon. Finally, once registered you can view your PS4’s info which includes the WiFi password for connecting wirelessly if you choose.”

Stay tune as we will keep you updated on his progress with the PS4 Remoteplay on the PC. Twisted still like to know what other platforms you would like to see Ps4 remote play on. Leave your comments here or go to our poll on our forums here.

Source: Twisted 

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