rxtools v.2.5.2 pre-release adds regionfree

Developer roxas75 released a Prerelease of rxtools v.2.5.2 that has a lot of bugs fixed and adds regionfree 😀



>Version 2.5.1

Update of Version 2.5, with lots of bug fixes.

>Version 2.5.2

Added RegionFree

The rxtools v2.5.2 download can be found here. Please Note that this is a Pre-release and isn’t as stable as the latest release and can contain some bugs. If for some reason it doesnt work, just copy back the rxtools v.2.5 rxtools.dat file to the root of your 3DS SDCard. You can find it under Latest Release.

If you don’t know how to setup rxtools I would suggest you to follow this simple Tutorial. It seems that the rxinstaller.nds file of rxtools v.2.5 isn’t working so please use the rxinstaller.nds file of rxtools v.2.5.2


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