Guide to Installing PSM Unity on FW 3.20-3.51

Just yesterday TomTomDU80 and Mr. Gas released their method to install PKG files. As you all know the package installer only works on FW 3.18 so this is a great opportunity for those of you who missed getting the PSM Unity app, you can do this among other things with these new tricks such as Memory Sticks can be exchanged without reformatting. You can check that out here. Let’s get right to it and help you get PSM Unity on your PSVita.


You need:

– PS Vita with FW 3.51 or less.
Archives PSM Unity
Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express
– A functional email address.

1) First you have to download the files and OpenCMA (QCMA) if you have not already.

2) Put the PSP save file called “UNITY” found inside the ZIP (it contains the Unity files for QCMA’s PSP saves folder Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\[folder-with-numbers]\) and transfer it to your PS Vita.


3) Install Mozilla Thunderbird and open “test2.eml” with it. Then you use resend this mail to the email account that you’re going to use on the PS Vita (and configure this email address on your PS Vita in the email app if you haven’t already)

4) Before proceeding on the Vita, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you delete everything queued in you download list!!


5) Now shutdown your Vita and Rebuild your database! (This will clear the internal download folder so that the eml trick uses the correct path)

6) Now look for any app that needs an update (The orange icon with an arrow), this can be confirmed pressing the icon with the two blue arrows on the LiveArea screen, if there’s an update the icon will appear.


Download any patch for any game and when the download has started and you can see a little bit of the green bar, pause the downloadwpid-20150330_202152.jpg
7) Go to the email app and open the mail that you sent to yourself. If everything worked correctly you should see two attached files with a photo symbol. (If you see a Question Mark symbol instead, something went wrong with thunderbird or outlook sending the mail)

8) Now select the first file and it will give you an error saying that it can’t open the picture (DO NOT PRESS OK) then close the app, make sure that you close it without pressing OK. Re-open the mail app and do the same process with the other file too!eml_error

9) Now disable WIFI and power off your Vita!

10) Power it on again and go to your notifications, you’ll see that the patch you downloaded on LiveArea has an Error – thats normal!!  Simply press it and Unity will install.psunity2

Thats it! Now you will have Unity on your PSVita thanks to TomTomDU80 and Mr. Gas 

Original guide by SebasRTorron  and translate by xConjo

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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. Awesome Write Up 🙂
    The Progress Is Going Great…
    I am so happy for the Vita scene right now 😉

  2. I can’t seem to do it, for some reason the save file is only 15kb

  3. help could not install c2-13275-8 i do not know what i am doing wrong i did every thing like it says 🙁

  4. really really make frustrated… cant make it works

  5. im on 3.51, could not get it to work either.
    after reboot the bubble only says”resume DL oder Delete DL”
    even tried “rebuild database” as stated on youtube nuffin.
    BUT id do have a second PSVita on 3.15. so i did the memory card swap trick posted yesterday…
    On the 3.15 Vita(with the 3.51 MemCard in it) i can Run the ContentManagerAssistent via Email (“pgsm:open?titleid=NPXS10031”) and “install” the Unitiy app & the 1.06 Update on the “3.51 MemCard”.
    then again do the memcard swap trick on the 3.15Vita and put the Memcard back in the 3.51 PsVita!
    thiz should do the trick…
    No matter what, when connecting the 3.51Vita to the pc via usb, i either do get a Nag to update system software or CMA on my pc…

  6. Unfortunately I didn’t make it happen.
    Tried several times. I don’t know, that the issue is?
    Transfer OK. Then I copied the unity app. – Start downloading an update, then pause it.
    Run the two files, without clicking the X Button.
    Disable Wifi or go to airplane mode. Turn it off. Turn on.
    Click on the progress bar and nothing happens.

    • For those of you who can’t click on the failed notification, the trick is to reboot the vita then update another game (DONT DELETE THE OLD FAILED NOTIFICATION). While it’s updating pause it about 40%, then click on the first update that failed, it should definitely install the Unity App

  7. OK everyone!!!! It is very important that you delete ALL running downloads from the notification center AND rebuild the database before doing this!! Otherwise it most likely won’t work..

  8. I do all it wil not working why i have follow the instruction step by step. it will not working 🙁

  9. Hi Freakler!
    Thanks for your suggestion. I tried it aswell, but still unsuccessful. Recreated the database via -> Turn off the ps vita – > hold the ps vita button + R Key + Power On button.

    I’m running under 3.51.
    Really frustrating. I’d like to mention that I’ve PSM Dev. Would like also to download Unity.

  10. After the restart the notifiation shows still Pause.
    If I press continue then it fails.

    • Seems like there still was something in your download queue. Just get rid of everything in your download list and rebuild. After that try again. :/

  11. I’ve copied the UNITY folder in the correct folder, when i connect my PS VITA to the PC and go through CMA it cant find the UNITY folder. Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

    • I’ve figured it out, i had to copy the UNITY folder to the NPEG00011SAVEDATA folder and it worked for me.

  12. I’ve installed the UNITY APP! woohoo! when i open it says that the application must be updated, do we all wait now until something else is released?

    • Nice! Yes you can simply update the app and from now we simply have to wait for yifanlu to port rejuvenate to unity.. 🙂

  13. Freakler, lets have a look at this video:
    This guys thought, he’ll made it and failed.
    Doing it the same way incl. rebuilding the database.

    Would really know, what I do wrong? Maybe it’s my vita? EU-Version PCH2016
    I don’t know.

  14. Good night for now 🙂 Maybe let’s have a chat tomorrow / today.

  15. I’m on 3.51. When I try to click on the errored download, it does nothing. I copied the save over, but when I try copying the files again it nags me about updating. Please, please help! Been trying all day!

  16. When I try clicking on the errored download it doesn’t do anything. Please help

    • This keeps happening to me too! I keep getting stuck at the last step… I get the error message, but it’s not clickable. Tapping it does nothing. Did you ever find a solution?

  17. got to click the button but i get error C2-13248-8

    • Try redownloading and recopying the savegame. If you get the error message the trick worked but something must have messed up with the save i guess. :/

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!! It’s been 2 days of just trying to get the app on my system, I love coding so I thought the vita would be a fun place to make hombrews. Thank you!

    • I keep getting stuck at the last step… I get the error message, but it’s not clickable. Tapping it does nothing. Did you ever find a solution?

  18. Just a heads up, it should be possible to change the icons of bubbles using this method, just locate the PNG of your app and create a EML file with the new image in the right size leading to that location.

  19. My Vita does not see the Unity folder. Im on 3.36 using QCMA…even if the folder is placed inside savegame I loaded from my Vita it does not see the Unity folder??

    • Ok after QCMA database rebuild the Vita picked up the unity folder…so far so good

      • Thank you thank you and agin thank you. Your tutorial is by far most accurate and it lead me to sucessfuly instaall and update the PSM Dev for Unity. After that I updated the application.

        Was very scared I will mess something and trigger the SW update and lose my VHBL annd ARK2 but that did not happen. Used vita uupdate blocker to spoof the SW version. Thanks again

  20. So, I’ve tried this quite a few times (retransferring everything etc….) but it still doesn’t work. I got to the part where I restart the PS Vita and I still have my update in the downloads but it has an error (c2-13275-8) and won’t let me tap it or do anything except cancel. What can I do?

    • Hi,

      well I got the same error but when going to DL list,, just by tapping on the listing (just pressing on the errored download) it started the Unity install…hope you get it gl

  21. Does this work for 3.18 Vita also? (As the title said >3.20, so I just wonder..)

  22. I want to get PSM for Unity on my PS TV.
    Though I have no game that needs an update and I can’t download apps or games from the PS3 because then it will automatically update the game
    Any other way to get this working?

    • I do have the two devassistents backed up from my PS Vita, but those won’t work. It says I need to update my system software first.

    • You could go out a buy a new vita game like Freedom Wars as that has a few up dates or even little big planet. There are still any cartridge games out there that need updating..

  23. Can I do this today?
    Or is it not possible now that sony is pushing 3.52 and update blocker isn’t working anymore?

    • I am on 3.51 btw, and many thanks in advance <3

      • You can do this today or whenever you want! It will work like forever on lower firmware. 🙂

        • It worked ^^ thank you mr. gas and tomtomDU80!
          I was able to get a download/update going by updating/installing PSM runtime, I was worried I had no games on the Vita since I formatted only yesterday for jap account. Maybe this info helps someone who is also having trouble finding an update or patch 🙂
          Cheers guys keep up the good work xD

  24. Sorry but Im a total noob to vita hacking. I am on 3.35 and cant get anything to transfer to my device through the vita device manager on pc, it says I need to update. What am I missing? Is there another way to get files on to my vita?

  25. hello can anyone tell me why i keep getting the question mark symbol? i tried to send irt through thunderbird but it always says failed to send message and i sent it from live mail?

  26. I am up to the point where i have to update an app but theres nothing to update since this is a new vita system. What apps can i access to get this update icon? Im on OFW 3.50. Any suggestions?

    • I am in exactly the same situation I have a “new” ps vita but don’t have anything to update and I can’t sing in to PSN as it says I need to update my firmware

  27. I am following these instructions exactly, but when I get to the final step (where you’re supposed to tap on the error message), I can’t tap on it. I’m getting the proper error message, but tapping it does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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