Xerpi ports CHIP-8 emulator to the PSVita and Rejuvenate is updated!

Yesterday we got to see Xerpi’s sample Homebrew for the PSVita and today Xerpi has ported his CHIP-8 emulator for the 3DS to the Vita, seen in the tweet below from Smoke. It’s great to see such quick development happening in the Native Vita Scene and can’t wait to see what else gets ported or made just for Rejuvenate. 🙂 CIMrAz5WsAAcTxT

Vita Chip-8 emulator by @xerpi playing #Pong 😀 pic.twitter.com/Ix0GbO0hfx


If you would like to try Xerpi’s CHIP-8 emulator (pong) and the homebrew sample you can find them here at vitadevwiki.com..psvitawki

On another note, yifanlu has updated Rejuvenate and has fixed bugs when installing to a path containing a space that doesn’t work and when launching a homebrew with the ARM entry point crashes PSM.

Rejuvenate also got a cool looking logo that egarrote did from elotrolado.net.Logo_Rejuvenate

Download: Rejuvenate (0.2.1)

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