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Choosing a new Android smartphone is not always an easy task. With tons of manufacturers and dozens of screen sizes, the choice is more difficult than just the Galaxy S6 or the latest phone from Motorola. As a result, Google has released a brand new tool to help consumers find the best Android phone to suit your needs.
These days there are several Android smartphones available from a wide range of manufacturers. Some are high-end phones that cost more than $ 600, and some are $ 179 without a contract like the impressive Moto G. Everything comes into play when choosing your next Android phone.
If you’re looking to buy a new smartphone in the near future but you’re not sure which one is right for you, if you need a big screen or features, this new Google tool should help you decide.


It ‘s all very simple and straightforward. The tool will ask potential buyers to answer three questions about their usage habits, and then suggest a smartphone based on what you need. I noticed the first choice for me almost always ends up being the Google Nexus 6, so the results can be skewed, but that could also be because I like to watch videos and it has a large, 5.96-inch screen with 2k resolution. The LG G4 is also highly recommended, but this is because it is a nice phone that does a little bit of everything very well.

It starts simply and Google has 12 different categories to choose from. Things like gaming, watching videos, social media, taking pictures and more. You are asked how many hours per day you do these things, and a request for follow-up may be necessary. If you are always outside it asks if you want a fingerprint scanner for security, fast charging or dual sim cards required for international travel. Then, you go back and select another one of the 12 choices. Google allows you to select more than three areas, after which you will have, as a result, 3 smartphones suitable for you.


If you like to play and surf the web Google may suggest a Galaxy Note 4 or a Nexus 6, but if you are interested in staying in shape or you’re on the go you can get a recommendation for the DROID Turbo and its huge battery of 3900 mAh. Of course you will then be asked which operator you are using. Here users can select or decide later if you do not want to be bound by any operator. The tool then recommend the best three phones for you based on your answers to these questions. Then, to make things even better, the phones have all the technical details. There is a breakdown of the best features, specifications, screen size, camera modules and more to help you decide which one is right for you.
The side-by-side comparisons are interesting, and once you find the right phone Google has connections for the carriers’ pages to Buy Now, all in an orderly fashion and ready for potential buyers. It’s pretty neat actually.


Although this tool may not be ideal for technology enthusiasts or those who keep up with all the latest news, buyers who are not aware of everything or regular customers will learn everything there is to know about phones available today all within a few minutes on this site. Google also lets you save the results to print and go directly to a store.

If you want to try the tool just click here.
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