Short News: Vita SDK almost completed

You might not believe it but yet another SDK has surfaced and is almost ready to be applicable! Well known japanese dev 173210 has started his own version of an SDK for the Vita and instantly got assisted by other well known names of the PSP scene. After just 1 week of hard work everything seems to be set up and ready to go.

It is called PSP2SDK (where PSP2 is the internal name for the Vita by Sony)

Everything that’s left to do now might be some more documentation, in-depth testing and probably bug-fixing. So check it out:

Now that everything necessary seems to be set up, all we can do is wait on yifanlu’s big release of the ‘PSM hack’. 🙂 It might happen any second now, so stay tuned for more here..


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  1. This is big news for the vita scene….back in September 14…when the leak took place…many people (including me) thought that the vita hack scene is done for…cause leaks are mostly bad,if not always…but the vita hack community still kept on crawling slowly with as much as possibilities that could be achieved…and the developers still kept on digging deeper into every new firmware release to give as much as possible to us people (my respect to there hard work)
    Now after all there hard team work…they will taste the sweet fruit of victory 🙂

    Thank you Hackinformer for providing good news 🙂

  2. So excited. 😀