The Nintendo NX could have an Android OS ?

Early today Nikkei put out a post about Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA. That post states they have an insider source who claims that the OS for the Nintendo NX platform will be Android based, and that it is a paradigm shift for Nintendo business-wise. The source goes on to say that when third parties abandoned Nintendo’s WiiU one by one, it caused a turning point in the company.


Now if this is true this could be an insight as to where Nintendo is moving on its new platform. I, for one, think this could lead to more developer friendly applications on the new venture from Nintendo, Nintendo NX.

I do have a fear that if this is true it could lead to the new system being hacked right away but I feel that Nintendo will do all they can to stop this from happening.


As of writing this it’s still  just a rumor but one that could turn out to be true. We will keep you up to date on this and all other news.


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