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I’m sure most people are concerned when buying used or refurbished 3DS systems on FW9.2 or lower. I completely understand. You want to make sure all functions and buttons are working properly. FUK-team have released multiple tools for various products including Nintendo DS, PC and Android. They have recently added support for the 3DS to remedy any issues you may or may not have! If the team sounds familiar you guessed it, they are responsible for releasing Number Rates 3DS, Useless homebrew 3DS, 3DS Hello World and 3DS home skin.


Diagnos3, in its current form, offers testing of the circle pad, d-pad, select, start, L, R, Y, X, A and B buttons. Tests the accuracy of the touchscreen and displays various system information. At the moment, there is no support for LZ, RZ, C-Stick and Accelerometer/Gyro.

Future releases do indeed promise support in later updates!! This is still adequate for the old 3DS/3DSXL and works wonderfully! I have tested it with the old 3DS and new3DSXL, having great results!!!


You have the option of loading Diagnos3 using the homebrew loader, Gateway Card and CIA installation. If you plan to buy such devices on FW9.2 or lower, I highly recommend downloading Diagnos3 for testing various functions. You can download the official files here and for those of you wondering about the Review/Giveaway stay tuned!!! 🙂 You could win this awesome giveaway!

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