Our Review of Tinertia: A extraordinary robot equipped with a rocket launcher

Tinertia is a rocket-powered game that is inspired by the rocket-jumping antics of games like Quake, Unreal and Team Fortress. However, it’s a game with no jump button. Tinertia is surprisingly addictive and very challenging, it makes gamers laugh while getting their butts kicked :). Indie games are all over the place but how many times have you seen a game where the main character is not able to jump? In Tinertia, there’s actually no jump button.


You play as Weldon, a small robot equipped with a rocket launcher. Weldon is stranded on a deserted planet and is under attack by the evil ARC. Master rocket-jumping to control your momentum and lift Weldon over deadly obstacles, outrun robo-bosses and ultimately escape off the planet.Tinertia-Windows 2014-08-30 01-35-09-99

Now this little robot, Weldon, may not be able to jump, but he does come equipped with a rocket launcher. The rockets make this little robot jump and propel across platforms like in a game of Quake. Beyond that, the rockets are also utilized to speed up Weldon, as if you were speeding through a classic level of Sonic of the Hedgehog.

Take a peek at the latest trailer:


  • Rocket Jumping: Master the physics based gameplay to control the rocket jumps and accelerated speeds in this platformer that uses no jump button and an infinite supply of ammo.
  • Seven Environments: Travel across the highly developed, industrialized planet through shifting camera angles to discover unchartered environments such as Slums, Factory World, Sewers and more. Plus, one bonus world will be discoverable as DLC post launch.
  • Robo-Bosses: Face the deadly bosses at the end of each world for an epic battle.
  • 70+ Challenging Levels: Travel across seven differing environments and more than 70 levels to help Weldon reach the planet’s surface and escape the ARC.
  • Speed Runs and Rocket Challenges (Par): Speed run through each environment to earn rank on leaderboards by completion time.
  • Ghost Runs: Players can select the top/best times for each level and challenge themselves in a variety of ghost runs.
  • #YOLO Challenge: Dodge treacherous obstacles and play through Weldon’s journey with one life to earn a spot on the Tinertia leaderboards.
  • Unlockable Skins: Get Time or Par medals to unlock unique skins such as Junk Weldon, Ninja Weldon, Stunna Weldon and more.
  • Leaderboards and Replay System: Play Speed-Run or YOLO game modes to earn a spot on the Tinertia leaderboards, and watch your epic runs in Replay mode.
  • Replay Camera: Control the angle, zoom, & speed of the camera in Replay mode. Relive close calls and epic moments in slow-mo!


Tinertia is available right now in Early Access on Steam. The full version is expected to launch on PS4, Xbox One and Steam by Fall 2015.

I give this game a 8 out of 10. It’s a buy in my book and it’s hours of fun for all types of gamers..

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  1. im already liking it. it looks spectacular.?

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