Sora6645 answers some questions about his patches!

Some of you might be asking who is sora6645? Well, I’m here to tell you and let him share with you in his own words what it is he does. Sora6645 is a man with a mission to bring patches to the 1.5 and 2.5 versions of the Kingdom Hearts games so they can be patched over the original PS2 games and played on your PS2 or emulator for PC. So, with out further ado lets get on with the interview.


1)What can you tell us about what you have done here?

I have made translations for:
Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix (English) and I’m about to do German soon.
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix in German, English and Spanish.


2) Why did you start patching kingdom hearts games?

Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix is the reason why I started patching Kingdom Hearts games.
I started a group on Skype back in 2013 with CrazyCatz00, and GovanifY  we wanted this game in English.
I worked on WonderLand and End of the World. Lets just say Wonderland isn’t so wonderful when translating it lol. It’s all over the place! Plus I want everyone who loves Kingdom Hearts to experience it in their own language. Why play a game in a different language if you don’t understand it?

3)What has been the hardest part of doing the patches for the games?

Well, the hardest part of doing these patches is finding and fixing the bugs. My first translation I made was my German patch for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. I had a bug where when you defeat the data battles it would crash. I found out that if the main file of the game is too big it would crash. So I removed some lines and it works normal now.


4)What is your favorite game?

My favorite game? I would say I have more than one favorite game.
Spyro is my most favorite then Kingdom Hearts.

5) Are there other games you would like to do patches for?

Well it depends on the game and if it ever came out in the USA.
Also, if I have the tools to do so. I don’t know how to make programs.
If someone made them for me I can do it.


6) What is you least favorite Kingdom hearts game?

My Least Favorite? I would have to say its ReCoded. I can’t say for sure about
Kingdom Hearts X(Chi) because I’ve never played it.
(I will when it comes out in English later this year for the android and iOS)

7)How long have you been working on these patches?

Well, like I said in question 2, I started in 2013 and its 2015 now so about 2 years.


8) What would like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3?

I would love to see Roxas return. I also want there to be 3 stories that you play. Kind of like BBS where you selected between Aqua, Ven and Terra. For KH3 it could be Rikku, Sora and Kairi. Because at the end of DDD Yen Sid ask Rikku to bring Kairi to him so he can train her to defeat MX.

9)What advice would you give to anyone else who wants to work with games like you?

Well my advice is… Go for it! Don’t give up, contact anyone who may be able to help you and don’t be afraid to ask around.


10) In closing what would you like to say to everyone who is reading this?

I would say Happy Modding! Like my answer to question #9, don’t give up, have fun and be careful with what you do.
If you would like to talk to me, add me on Skype. My Skype name is Sora6645.


Well there you have it. If you would like to find his work you can go here for updates!

As always, you can find me on twitter @riddle43 thanks for reading.

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