AM2R: A new breed of Metroid retro evolution review!

A game that helped define the start of a beloved series, Metroid 2: Return of Samus.


The game itself was fantastic. An unknown, armored protagonist gets out of the ship and immediately delves into the nearest cave, only to be met with small flying creatures, a jumping frog with a mouth full of daggers and one VERY violent creature that cracks out of a shell and flies toward you in a rhythmic halting manner. Rapidly firing with my arm cannon, I was quickly reduced to Metroid food. After realizing that I could press Select to fire triangular missiles, I went back and ruined that foul creatures day.


This was only the start of my beautiful relationship with the Metroid franchise. Over the course of the years, the Metroid fanbase has grown to an incredible size. However, nothing compares to that first experience of this amazingly in-depth game series.

Everyone is always excited to hear one of their favorite games of all time is being remade; like New Super Mario Bros, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green or Mech Warrior.

Thus, my excitement was almost too much to bear when I learned that Metroid 2: Return of Samus is currently a remake project being recreated by DoctorM64.

AM2R. Another Metroid 2 Remake.

My nostalgia level is over 9000.


I have been following the progress of this game for 3 years. He is currently remaking the game from the ground up with new areas, a map(finally), completely new enemy A.I., a logbook, new monsters and bosses, new items and much, MUCH more! It’s all being recreated with the Metroid Zero Mission game engine.


This is his current trailer showcasing the graphical update and new additions to the gameplay.

As well as his progress(regularly updated) and his changelog, which includes what has been added and what is currently under construction.

Every few months he releases a new demo showcasing the stable progress of the absolute marvel that has captivated so many Metroid fans.


To simply pass up playing this game, Metroid fan or not, would be doing yourself a disservice as a gamer. If platform, side-scrolling shooters are something you would enjoy then this entire series is for you. Simply follow the link.

Download and unzip the game, plug in your controller and spend hours falling deeper into the hellish depths of the Metroid home world SR-388.

As a HUGE fan of the Metroid games myself, except Other M, which I bash mercilessly, I would give this game, in its current state, an 8/10. Execution, gameplay, graphics, new music and improved enemy A.I. all make this game a must play. So… what are you all waiting for? Go grab the demo! am2r-demo

Team Hackinformer signing out..



  1. 8BitBang

    Very Nice Review! 🙂 That video gave me chills and welcome to the family

  2. It’s actually not being recreated using the Zero Mission engine. He’s using Game Maker and using certain assets from Zero Mission but mostly custom.

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