PSP Debug on the PS3 – pspdbg.sprx lib

Developer mysis is working on a sweet little sprx file to debug the PS3 PSP emulator. Thanks to this work on PS3’s PSP Emulator you can fix bugs, make patches and explore games a lot easier now.

Here is what mysis said about the PSP Debug sprx:

I created a small prx that injected into the psp_emulator.self process of the playstation 3 is able to log access of the HLE functions.
By this we can explore why some games black screen or have problems, even could improve the emu by adding unsupported features.
Some games like Sweet Fuse are even possible to fix, when one presses the screenshot option ingame (circle) which happened to freeze the game completely because sony did not add that it is supposed to return an error on screenshot utility init.
And here are some pictures:
As you may see the emulator does not support accessing sectors mapped as file (sce_lbn). If anyone around knows or has an idea of how I would be able to implement it by using HLE functions themselves (i can also use IoCtl etc.) I would really appreciate it :)
Release: (no eta yet)
I’m really looking forward to this and it’s awesome to see someone developing for the PS3’s PSP Emulator. I can’t wait for the release to happen. I’m sure it will help a lot of  people make Patches, Bug fixes and add other new features to the PSP Emulator.  😀

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