Microsoft Showing Off: New Look at Holographic apps for Windows 10

Now, if you remember, a few months back Microsoft unveiled Windows Holographic software and HoloLens headset. Let me tell you it looked amazing. They also mentioned the possibility of Windows 10 apps.

At Build 2015 they offered a view into this “step” into the future of holographic apps on Windows 10 Universal. During the onstage demo apps could be placed on walls or set to float in space and resized. Now the benefit of this is that people in different locations can work together on 3D models as if there were in the same room.


Any Windows 10 app can be used as a hologram with the headset and I have a feeling this might change the way we work away from the office.
With those apps in play you can overlay a hologram on top of a physical object and make tweaks without heading back to the keyboard. Just like the real and virtual robots that they had on stage with them for the demo.


Microsoft partnered with Case Western Reserve University to develop medical solutions for the platform and those were shown off as well. Up-close examinations of the nervous and skeletal systems are now possible without the use of cadavers and each of the body’s systems can be displayed as a separate model in seconds.


This is in no way the finished product so we still have to wait and see how the final release will be. I for one can not wait to see what the future will hold.


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