PS Vita: First game save decrypted by Mr. Gas!

Heads up folks! There’s news about the Vita’s underground progress.

Just now our bearer of hope in terms of native Vita investigations, Mr. Gas, published a decrypted vita savegame over in the forums of our friends at


maybe someday we will launch our user land exp

This is great news as this means, the first step of finding savegame exploits for Vita games is done! Because not just with the PSP as parade example, savegame exploits are often the first entrypoint to hacking a system. (See ninjhax for another example)

Next up we would need some type of debugger to display crashes, make memory dumps etc and of course re-encrypt the modified saves.. but one step at a time!

Who knows when we’ll see the first VHBL-like Homebrew Loader working this way!
And for the meantime, why don’t you take a look at the files yourself!? 😉

Download: FF-X(Vita savedata).zip


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  1. There are encrypted and decrypted PS Vita Savegame files :D.I would love something like VHBL on Vita.

  2. I just wanna re-sign my old save game from my banned account to my new account. Just make justice by my own hand.

  3. i would be happy with custom bubbles on 3.50

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