Vita Update Blocker working once again on 3.36 but for how along?

Well the latest firmware update 3.50 came out today for the PSVita/PSTV. So you may be wondering what to do if you stayed on frimware 3.36 or lower. Well fear not as Vita update blocker is once again working, so you can access the PlayStation store. Like always, here isn’t much of a time window to use a proxy like vita blocker. 16745023329_504e5f31dd_zOn another note PlayStation is having a 10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases which starts today. So you are in luck if you want to make a few purchases.  So you don’t have much time to get in and out, before PlayStation blocks this trick once again.. Quick note: This only work for FW 3.36 and doesn’t work on fw 3.18.


Download: Vitaupdateblocker V1.2


This application does what Charles Proxy Trick does but without hassle.

Also this is Python based cross-platform application so you can even install this application to 24/7 running server to access PSN anyhwere.

Automatically detects latest OFW version and Vita’s version.
Can block other requests than update information for prevent server is being used as normal HTTP proxy server.
You can get portable executable for Windows here

Start vita_update_blocker.exe (or python
Open Settings app on your Vita, Go to Network-Wi-Fi Setting-AP Name-Advances Settings.
Change proxy settings to ip:port that shown on VitaUpdateBlocker.
Save settings and open PS Store application.
You’ll see front page of store, go Settings app again and disable proxy.
Download contents from store, play games online or connect to your PS3 via wifi.
–port <PORT>: customize port, default is
–block-traffics: blocks all traffics except for update information. This will be useful if you’re going to make public server.
To use VitaUpdateBlocker you need these requirements(portable version users can ignore this)

Python 2.7.6 (Python 3 is not supported due to compatibility with mitmproxy)


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  1. Hi Riddle. I gave this a try on 3.36 just now and it didn’t work. PS Store told me I need to update.

    During the instructions, when you get to the front page of the PS Store, does this mean you don’t actually press START to enter the store?

    Also, do you need to keep the PS Store page open in the back ground when you disable the network proxy setting?

  2. yeah sir got it . it work like cham with good wifi connection thx for hard work

  3. glad to hear its still working

  4. will be a 3.18 vita update blocker?? yes, no, maybe?? i miss the store sometimes 🙁

    • No as the sumchecks are different then 3.36 and 3.18 and been block by all proxy’s from sony. So Vita Blocker does have much time left and will be blocked again but we might be able to use it again one day. Just like how we are using it now..

  5. If it only works on 3.36, what’s the advantage to just restarting your vita with the item in your DL list?

  6. http://www.guidingtech com/33959/transfer-games-hacked-ps-vita/

    ^this worked. After the system restarts press the notifications and double tap on the game and it installs

    • Most of those are are patched and don’t work. Except for the ps3 one, using a proxy like vita update blocker, opencma and qcma still work. Next some vita games require new firmware so you won’t be able to put everything on your lower firmware depending on where you’re at with the fw in the vita

  7. sigue funcionando alguien sabe

  8. Not working anymore, used to work, since i used this method to buy pool hall pro.