PS Vita FW 3.50 – Everything you need to know!

Good news! Well, its a matter of opinion.. The PS Vita Firmware 3.50 just got released and is ready to be installed! The update comes with some really neat features but on the other hand with alot of patches as well.vita-update

But at first here’s the official changelog:

  • You can improve your Remote Play experience by adjusting the frame rate for Remote Play. In [PS4 Link], select [Video Quality for Remote Play] from the options menu.
  • The scene search performance in [Videos] has been improved.
  • [Maps] has been deleted from the home screen of the PS Vita system.
  • Addresses and maps are not longer displayed in [near] on PS Vita.
  • [Accessibility] has been added in [Settings].
  • [Chat] in [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Sub Account Management] has been renamed [Chat/User-Generated Media].
  • PSN has been renamed “PlayStation Network.”

Alright let’s split up the facts into the following categories:

The new features


This new category brings some neat functions with it, like being able to zoom and make system texts bigger or bold. You can even add a higher contrast or invert the colors if you need it.

350 features

But the most useful new function here might be the possibility to customize your button assignments. This will be extremely helpful for people owning imported devices, where the X and O keys are swapped.


Oh and the stock maps app has been deleted but that was announced before. :/


What exactly got patched?

Well, as always all the released usermode exploits like Numblast, Arcade Darts and others aren’t working anymore and additionally qwikrazor87‘s kxploit got patched, too.

On top of that Sony (once again) added some new security measures to make the PSP/GAME folder read only and prevent you from installing files there. The so called dot-trick isn’t working like it used to be anymore.

And lastly the most recent bubble trick released by tomtom and Mr.Gas as Christmas present got patched! If you already updated your vita, the custom bubbles will still show up but return an error once your trying to start them up.


And what’s still working?

You can still open up the Package Installer!


But wait.. it’s still not working right? True that, nothing changed compared to 3.3X

The uri call psgm:play?titleid= is still working fine and this may not be changed at all, since this command is used a lot by the E-Mail app. It would be hard work for sony to change that system completely.

So in the end like everything we had got patched and it’s the old cat and mouse game between Sony and the scene, nothing changed there.


What’s up next?

Now we’re coming to the interesting part 😉

The public known things are Total_Noob’s TN-X bubble to be release in summer and qwikrazor87’s ‘unpatchable Exploit’  being announced in a ninja release over at our friends at very soon!

That was the official part, now some underground talk!!

There is still another bubble methode by qwikrazor87 which is btw much easier to set up and developer 173210 just today talked about some special unpatchable bubbles on twitter.


via @OrionGamesonic

I’ll just leave the following here..


via @SMOKE587

And yes even our loved an always present VHBL works for 3.50..


The just added additional security measures to access ms0:/PSP/ are already worked around.. again! 🙂


Thanks for you interest! And you can always catch me up on twitter @freakler94

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  1. So, if I update, my ark2 and vhl will stop working? I use to launch them from the psp demos.

  2. Nice.
    All I want is the package installer bubble.
    I have 1 Vita on 3.18 just so I can install apps via package installer but that Vita is my daughters and a few new games want the console to be updated so a package installer for 3.50 would be awesome.