Update on the L2 & R2 Triggers for PS Vita

In January 2015, a Japanese company Joetsu Electronics revealed their plans to start selling a case/adapter/trigger grip. Its main advantage/purpose would be addition of L2 and R2 triggers, which would surely make playing PS4 games on Vita via Remote Play much more enjoyable. Pretty clever idea that Sony wasn’t able to come up with. Of course, you can find various tutorials on the internet  showing how to make your own L2 & R2 triggers for PS Vita, but this is the first time someone has commenced mass production.


It will launch in Japan in April for 4,298 yen (about $36), but only for PS Vita PCH-2000. People seem to be excited about this, and a lot of them will import it. I hope it’s just a matter of time before someone starts selling a similar accessory for PCH-1000.

The product is already available in some Japanese online shops: Amazon JP, jecom-online, Answer Store and Rakuten (actually, it’s only for 3,100 yen on Rakuten) in black and white.











We will inform you again as soon as we have more information. Let us know what you think about this.

Source: DualShockers

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  1. yeah it would have been awesome if it included the Psvita 1000 & Psvita 2000 but this is only for the Psvita 2000 only making it something i don’t need.

  2. will it be compatible with any vita games?

    • Of course, all games using the back-touchpad like Borderlands for example! So holding L2 would be sprinting and pressing R2 meele attack. And other games like Killzone (where you have to swipe for actions) or Tearaway are not negatively affected since you still can access the pad easily..

      • ok so its worth getting if you dont have a ps3 or ps4 good to and thank you i will be looking into getting this.

  3. 1. The design looks horribly uncomfortable.
    2. The Price is way too high.
    3. They forgot L3, and R3 buttons.
    4. It’s made for the shitty 2000.

    Make a grip shaped like a DS3, or DS4 , with R2, R3, L2, L3, for 1000 and I’d be all over it.

    • your only jealous that you don’t have the 2k model which has 3 extra hours of battery life

      • That one reason I like it.. I got to play with the 2000 model a lot and at first I didn’t like the whole lcd thing but really you can’t tell. Been thinking about getting a 2000 just for the extra battery life or I could just mod the 1000. What do you think?

        • i like my 2k model for a couple of reaseons…
          1. its not as big and chunky as the 1k
          2. extra battery life
          3. 1g internal memory
          4. i can use these trigger grips

          • My battery life is fine for long commutes (8 hours heavy use). I used my friends 2000 and you can’t even see the screen in direct sunlight. I’m not jealous at all, I will trade those 3 hours for my VERY vibrant screen. I wasn’t really trying to flame the 2000 but lets go, the build quality is inferior to the 1000. They break insanely easy, so that’s the only plus to having a cheaper screen. The 2000 is centimeters smaller, and weighs less because it’s 95% plastic. They only made that Vita because the 1000 costed too much.

          • Also WTF do you plan on doing with 1gb internal? Lmao my Droid Bionic cost $50 on Ebay and had 16gb internal.

          • But you can’t use the internal memory and memory card’s memory at the same time, right?

          • the 1g is god if your getting preowned and just want to play games of your cards, so you can jump right in to the games with out having to buy an expensive memory card right off the bat.

          • My Vita came with a 8gb, so idk about that 1gb, but 8gb was gone very fast. My 32gb is full right now.

          • still the 2k model is better and i’m a proud owner