After 19yrs of waiting, you can finally play the game you been waiting for!

As you all have noticed I’m a big retro gaming fan, don’t get me wrong I love the new games too. It’s just that those retro title’s are still so much fun to play, since emulation is very big a cross many of platforms like Android. So when I heard about the lost Sonic game was being worked on, I had to share the news with you, so check out the video below..


The Sonic X-treme should have been Sonic the Hedgehog‘s 3D debut on the Saturn, except it was cancelled in 1997. Diehard fans haven’t given up on the game, though, and someone recently ported Sonic X-Treme onto modern PCs. The dream of Sonic X-treme will never die, it seems!

You can read all about it over at http://forums.sonicretro.or

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