PSVita: TN-C Menu for Numblast Exploit

Good news everyone! qwikrazor is at it again. This time with a update for Ark2, so you can now use the old TN-C menu. This menu was develop by Total Noob and was released back in 2012 and now qwickrazor87 has ported it over to the numblast exploit.




With TN-C for Numblast/Qruton just unzip it and put the two Numblast saves for your region where your psvita game saves are kept in the pc, then just transfer the two Numblast saves via CMA. Launch Numblast and you will see TN-C menu. If the kexploit brings up a C1-2858-3 error, it may be an issue with the system language, if so, change the language to English.

If you want to thank qwikrazor for his work on the psvita scene, you can always donate to him via paypal here

So here is a link to PS1 support on TN-C.

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  1. Hey thank u but I k eep on getting c1- 2858 error nomatter what. What I’m I don’t wrong?