PSVita: How to Sign PSP Games of any size to use as bubbles (outdated)

I’m going to show you, how you can sign PSP games of any size and add them to a bubble so you can run the game directly from the LiveArea. To accomplish this we will need to have an exploit game installed that we then rename. Here we will use the two recent ones: Numblast = Ark2 or Papaton2 =VHBL

The application Fake_NP can sign PSP games (.iso), homebrews, emulators, including eCFW, but it has a limitation:

The size of our ISO signed, must not exceed the size of your game BASE. So if our iso is 1.5GB and the BASE game where you try to make the bubble in is 30MB. Obviously it can not generate a EBOOT.PBP Signed for it, in these cases we will use the tool Sign_NP .


A game from PSN, we will need to use as BASE for the bubble.

A PSP game you want to run directly from the livearea, instead of the game BASE. ( In .ISO format )

Hexadecimal Editor ( HxD )

NotePad ++



Filer or VitaFTP.

First we put all our files in a folder where we will work from. Also we need our game BASE in EBOOT.PBP format, this file must be renamed to NP.PBP to obtain files needed to create our bubble.

1 – Run the file npdpc.exe to generate files:

  • header.bin
  • version_key.bin


NOTE: The application  npdpc.exe also generates an ISO of our game BASE, that ISO can be deleted or ignored.

2. – After obtaining these files BASE our game, we need to open files:

  • header.bin
  • version_key.bin

with Hex Editor for some very important facts:

  1. CID = is our ID of our game BASE
  2. Versionkey = is the key to sign our ISO

NOTE: The keyword CID can be found in the folder PSP / LICENSE , which itself is the name of the gaming license BASE, can copy the name without the extension .rif

3. – Create a new file and rename for example Sign_NP.bat , it is important to be left as .bat to run the application signing the Games: sign_np.exe

In this file we need to open it with Notepad ++ or any text editor, we must place the following command line:

sign_np -pbp <-c> <input.iso> <output.pbp> <CID> <Versionkey> STARTDAT.PNG

But we need to correctly fill in the following fields:

  • <-c> = If you want to compress our EBOOT.PBP signed (But it may not work, just as -c quit).
  • <Input.iso> = The name of our ISO you want to run the game instead of the BASE.
  • <Output.pbp> = The output of our eboot signed, leaving preferably as EBOOT.PBP
  • <CID> = is our BASE ID of our game, you get the header.bin file , then copy this key and put it in our .bat file (that is copied to where the last word appears).
  • <Versionkey> = is the key obtained from Versionkey.bin open the file, so it should copy the serial number but removing the spaces.
  • STARTDAT.PNG = This value is OPTIONAL and can not be put in, it is the name of an image in .PNG format that is used as a boot screen (BootScreen) to start our bubble . (I used size 480 * 272).

Review the following screenshot for idea how they should correctly fill these fields den so we can leave our archive Sign_NP.bat functional.

(CLICK on image to enlarge)


Finally the STARTDAT.PNG is an image of 480 * 272 in .PNG format that will be used as BootScreen, if we add the word STARTDAT.PNG must ensure that your image folder has physically, otherwise it will not work and the sign_NP.exe leaving EBOOT.PBP to be 0kb size.

They can skip this step, leaving its command line like this:

sign_np -pbp -c P3UNDUB.ISO EBOOT.PBP UP9000-UCUS98711_00-PATAPONONEPSPPSN 73D8E3C8680D9FFF1292B6F6579E272

Otherwise, if you want to add image:


4. – Once created our Sign_NP.bat file and reviewed we have everything in order, run our file created Sign_NP.bat (This may take some time depending on the size of our ISO).



At the end we get our EBOOT.PBP signed, now just transfer it to our PSVita to replace our bubble. Using the method we all know, in my twilight game PATAPON2:

Remember to rename the folder of our game BASE, adding the “&” (without the quotes).

UCUS98711 & / PBOOT.PBP (To customize our bubble).

Create a new folder with the name of our game id BASE (without the ampersand)

UCUS98711 / EBOOT.PBP <Here is our game signed EBOOT.PBP

At the end of our bubble must be as follows:


As long as you use the same game BASE (NP.PBP) and Versionkey CID values ​​will not change.

NOTE: Not all games can be created as a bubble, you can try another game BASE or you can try before signing the ISO EBOOT.BIN game. 

This helpful guide was written by: gdljjrod

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  1. so how do we dubplicate bubbles with the same base game?

  2. Can I use Numblast as my “BASE” game?

    • yes if you are not using it as your exploit.. if not you just need to clone it first then use it as a bubble.

      • Thanks for the answer mate.
        I have one last question,
        I have already backed up the Numblast game on my computer and all the “save games” and exploit files..

        If I was to change the memory card to another one (newer and larger), will I be able to restore the game From my PC to Vita, and use the exploit (numblast) on the new memory card?