PSVita: Qwikrazor87 May have Another UserMode Exploit for FW 3.36

Good news everyone!

For those of you who just missed out on the last PSVita exploit, Patapon 2 for Epsp on firmware 3.36. @Qwikrazor87 has just announced, he might have a new user mode exploit for those of you who just missed out on the last one.

1111psppsv copy

It seems the exploit will be available for EU, US and JP users

So get those PlayStation wallets ready, so you don’t missed out on this exploit and stay tune for more news here at

If you wish to thank qwikrazor for his work on the psvita scene, you can donate to him via paypal here

As always i invite you to stay tuned for further updates by following me on twitter @666darkamon666

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